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Pet care has gained popularity in recent years as the number of pet owners has increased. Animal lovers and pet enthusiasts the world over are presented with a wide array of choices pertaining to pet care. For most pet owners, pets are very much a part of the family and are entitled to the best care possible. Choosing the right pet and breed is extremely important, as this can help avert problems for both you and your pet. Choosing a pet is not as simple as most of us assume and factors like temperament, maintenance costs, health concerns, dietary, and lifestyle requirements, among others should be considered as important pet health concerns. 

As care givers to our pets it is our responsibility to make informed decisions when deciding on routine pet health care and treatment options for them. Many, if not all of these common pet health conditions can be prevented by creating a healthier lifestyle for your pets. Even if your pet does suffer from a preexisting condition, a thorough knowledge of pet care can make a big difference, as very often a combination of lifestyle modifications and natural remedies can help treat the condition. Access to information about the various pet health issues is therefore vital as it can help you identify the warning signs promptly, enabling swift treatment and recovery. The pet care choices that you make are no substitute or alternative to the care of a veterinarian, but are meant to enhance and improve the quality of care that you provide to your pet. 

The information provided to you can help you protect your pet against a variety of conditions, with information on various vaccines that can help avert some common conditions. Making the right choices is of particular importance in health care for pet. 

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Pet Birds by Lafeber Co.

You can get the same effect by boiling cinnamon sticks and scented teas – just don’t leave them on the stove when your bird is loose! Nonstick Surfaces Nonstick surfaces found in cookware, space heaters, popcorn makers and various other appliances emit toxic fumes when heated that can kill birds without warning. Sticker your glass and mirrors, or keep them dirty! Open Windows & Doors Many pet birds that fly away are never recovered. Some companion bird guardians choose to have their birds’ wing feathers clipped, and others choose to leave their birds flighted. 

Being Picked On By Cagemates Birds will pick on other birds that are ill, and may even kill the weakened one. Any bird breeder will tell you that breeding birds actually costs more than you make – there are veterinary bills, feed costs, not to mention the time it takes to care for the parents and chicks. Breeding birds takes more than just putting a nest in the cage with a pair of birds. There are hundreds of bird clubs to offer you mentorship and guidance should you choose to breed your birds. Quarantine is traditionally a period of 40 days in which a new bird should be separated from other birds in order to make sure that the bird is healthy. 

Many deadly avian diseases are easily spread through the air or close contact, so it’s important to separate new birds from established birds. Always tend to the established birds first, and then to the new bird. Some airlines no longer accept birds in the cabin, so don’t get stuck at the airport! Book your bird onto the flight when you make your reservation. Some breeders don’t do this, especially with smaller birds, but most do band their baby birds, especially if they intend to sell the birds to stores or to the general public. 

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St. Gabriel Organics

Press Release: History St Gabriel Organics is the leader in the organic lawn and garden industry for over 40 years. St. Gabriel Organics brand products garner a reputation for performance and safety. New UrthPet Brand: Recently we have brought our knowledge of organics and our dedication to high quality standards to the pet industry with a line of organic and holistic pet wellness products under the brand name UrthPet. UrthPet is a line of organic and natural holistic pet supplements and controls including, de-wormers, flea powders and pet treats. 

The UrthPet Brand was launched in 2012 providing organic and natural solutions to common pet ailments and needs. While these are tasty treats for your pet they are also a great source of vitamins and minerals. Being low calorie also makes them a healthy treat you can feel good about letting your pet indulge in. Pet parents are regularly seeking products that are grain free, corn free and have a high meat content. ShareSince 1973, St. 

Gabriel Organics has dedicated time and research to bring safer, organic product alternatives to the market that will not harm people, children or pets. Their chemical-free lawn, garden and pet products preserve the health of your family and the organic balance of our planet. Their team includes dedicated scientists, researchers and product testing personnel who seek to ensure the safety of the lawn, garden and pet products you use. Active Ingredients: Lactobacillus plantarum – supports gas/bloat reduction Bacillus coagulans – supports gas/bloat reduction Bacillus subtilis – supports the immune system Saccharomyces – Supports a balanced digestive system The 10 oz bottle provides up to a 30 day supply depending on size of pet. 

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