For Pet's Sake News for 05-08-2018

Exercising with Your Dog

The great thing is that activity does the same for your pets! Not only will exercise help them live longer, but an exercising animal is also more alert and more content. Some people believe that their pets misbehave to get even for being left alone; but in reality, the cause is usually boredom from lack of exercise. Some recent studies have shown a link between pet ownership and better health. Pet owners tend to have better cardiovascular fitness levels than people without pets. 

Pets have been shown to reduce anxiety, be a source of physical contact and comfort, and decrease feelings of loneliness and depression. Exercising with your dog is a great time saver! Whether you like to run, walk, or play in the backyard with your pet, you can get your own workout at the same time. Although walking is probably the most common activity, there are other opportunities for exercise that you may not have thought of-hiking, backpacking, jogging, swimming, and rollerblading can all be done with pets in tow. Many sporting goods stores now carry items such as canine backpacks, hands-free leashes, and life vests to protect pets in the water. 

Just as it would be hard for you to go out and jog for 45 minutes if you haven’t worked out in 6 months, it’s also hard for your pet. Be sure to get your veterinarian’s okay before beginning your pet’s exercise routine. Bring along a collapsible water dish to help your pet stay hydrated. You should avoid strenuous exercise with your pet until they are finished growing. 

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How spaying and neutering benefits pets’ health and behavior « Animal Health Foundation Blog

Veterinarians Charlie Meynier and Jim Stortz write that spaying female dogs and cats reduces the incidence of mammary cancer, eliminates uterine and ovarian cancer risk and prevents pyometra, a potentially life-threatening infection of the uterus. Neutering male animals protects them from prostatic hypertrophy and infections, as well as testicular cancer and certain types of hernias. Drs. Meynier and Stortz also note that many less desirable animal behaviors are usually reduced by spaying or neutering, including roaming and territorial aggression. There are many theories when it comes to the medical and behavioral effects of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. 

We’ll go through the medical benefits of neutering and spaying both dogs and cats, and finish with our personal beliefs on the behavioral changes that can occur. The principal benefit of spaying female dogs and cats is the prevention of mammary cancer. Less common conditions such as uterine and ovarian cancer are 100 percent prevented by spaying. The major health benefits involved in neutering a dog involve the prostate gland. The effects of neutering male cats are more behavioral and are listed below. 

Neutering male dogs and cats can reduce urine marking in your house, aggression towards other dogs, and territorial aggression. The medical benefits resulting from spaying and neutering pets lead to longer and healthier lives. The Vail Valley Animal Hospital recommends spaying and neutering at six months of age. 

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Pet Health

Pet health is a lot like human health when it comes to weight gain. Good pet dental health is necessary for good breath, eating habits and overall health. Pet dental problems can lead to heart disease, weakening of the immune system and other health problems. If you simply can’t get your pet to give in to brushing, use a dental formula food that promotes dental health. Tartar and plaque can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, tooth loss and a host of other pet health problems. 

Because your pet ages rapidly, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends your pet have an examination twice a year. Regular veterinary check-ups can help identify and prevent health problems in your pet. The best thing you can do to keep your pet healthy for years to come is to schedule bi-annual health exams with your veterinarian. Keeping your pet up to date with vaccinations, heart worm pills, flea treatments, and other regular medications prevent and postpone many health conditions, prolonging your pet’s life and the time you spend enjoying together. Allergy problems are one way pet health and human health are similar. 

In pets these allergies are called atopy and pet health care experts say the symptoms can begin early in your cat or dog’s life. Cat health and dog health professionals recommend oral anti-hisamines, essential fatty acids and cortisone-based topical medications to relieve the itching, but persistent itching may require steroid injections or oral prednisone for treatment. 

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Pancreatic Health in Pets

My story is about my cat, 12 years old, who got very sick over 6 months ago. I panicked because I have been single for a long time, living very far away from my parents and siblings,so this cat is my only companion. He had been throwing up a lot more frequently before, he had lost so much weight, looked really weak and very sick, and he started ‘crying’ in pain several times a day. In the nature cats either hide themselves or act like fine when they are sick so they won’t become easy preys for other animals. Pancreatitis is very difficult treat even for humans. 

He could no longer eat anything very dry and hard, like the premium low-carb dry cat food with no meat byproducts I had been feeding. He eats a lot of soft food including his favorite raw organic chicken, softened dry cat food with no animal byproducts low in fat, natural canned food low in fat. Although my cat recovered, every 2 to 3 weeks he has some bad days when he throws up a few times a day looking like his intestine is irritated. The other day, I tried mixing extra virgin coconut oil which I take regularly in his food, and it worked!! It calmed down his upset stomach very quickly and he stopped vomiting. 

His coat look shiny and he is just so energetic zooming around a young kitty and being very playful. I wanted to share my experience for cat owners who are distressed with their sick cats. I hope my information will help other cat lovers who are looking for alternative remedy for their kitties. 

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