For Pet's Sake News for 06-12-2018

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From the products you buy to the foods you eat, you’re clawing your way to a more sustainable carbon footprint of your own. Since January 2016, every bag of Canine & Feline PowerFood our customers have chosen for their beloved pets has been 100% carbon neutral. Carbon neutral products mean that no net carbon emissions have been added to the environment through the entire manufacturing and distribution process. All manufacturing creates carbon emissions as a byproduct. Only Natural Pet tracks all of the energy consumed by the ingredient processing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of three of our bestselling food lines: Canine Powerfood, Feline PowerFood, Wholesome Homemade & PowerFusion. 

Through the end of 2017, our carbon neutral programs resulted in more than 10,000 metric tons of carbon emissions being offset. All around the world, hundreds of communities are enjoying improvements to their environment as a result of carbon offset initiatives. As its global project of choice, Only Natural Pet supports a sustainability project located in the Pará region of Brazil. In the two-plus years since our first lines went carbon neutral, we’ve introduced two entirely new product assortments that have been carbon neutral from launch: Wholesome Homemade in October 2016 and PowerFusion in November 2017. Whenever we roll out even more new products, you can bet we’re keeping the environment in mind. 

We have to consider the impact that all the boxes being shipped to customers’ homes have on our carbon pawprint. With our Carbon Neutral Shipping commitment, we ah, we’ve gone on long enough. 

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Healthy pet is a locally owned and operated business that carries top quality food for your fur baby. As a new pet owner who was rigorously looking for the right kind of food to give my rapidly growing labrodoodle, I found the employees here to be knowledgeable, courteous and amiable regardless of time of day. In addition to pet food , they also carry a wide range of pet toys, accessories, feeding solutions,- and so much more!! There’s a do it yourself dog wash at the back end of the store with hand showers and such that you can use to bathe your pet. Treats for those pets who come in with their humans ! 

The level of service here is refreshing especially after you’ve been to a big pet store. No gimmicks, just a staff which is passionate about helping you and your pet. North side pet lovers should be, too! Support this cool and super helpful business! Very nice setup, clean and easy to use Pricing was very affordable and very friendly staff Also, they have a wide variety of pet supplies. 

Healthy Pet is fantastic! Like most people, my pet is my world and I want the best for my kitty. After doing a lot of research online about the best wet foods I found that Healthy Pet carries some of the best brands out there. Healthy pets are happy pets, and this place helps you ensure your pets are both. Yesterday while going into Micheal’s Crafts I noticed that there was a new pet store, Healthy Pet. 

The best pet store around! Incredible service, staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, quality products! Ask for Trevor – he will help you with whatever you need! 

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Pet Heart Health & Heart Illnesses

Dear Sirs, my 10 years old dog Is diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy 2 weeks ago. It has a prescription for Vetmedin, Furosemide, Enalapril. I do not want to start giving that medications as they will ruin everything. Hi I was wondering if you could add a category for this disease. I saw a post on earth clinic about a woman who used DMSO to induce a diuretic effect and it worked so I decided to give it a shot. 

I was very nervous that I may hurt him as his health is so fragile now. EC: Thanks for the suggestion, Mary! Dog heart health is definitely important to a lot of us pet owners (cat heart health too!). Anyways, my 2 year old lab Matt was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and I badly want him to get treated properly and hopefully get cured, he is still young and active, no coughing or gagging, has very red gums, pants somewhat alot, slightly enlarged abdomen. Anyway, he’s going to start meds of lasixs, spironolactone and augmentine(he has a slight viral infection)….I want to know exactly what I can give to improve his condition, like supplements, and in what amounts. 

Currently, I’m going to start giving the meds with garlic, turmeric, pumpkin and carrots, but I want to know how effective these remedies are. My 8 year old Yorkshire terrier was put on Furosemide, Spironalactone and Vetmedin a month ago for an enlarged heart and a large amount of fluid retention in her abdomen. I was hoping you might have a recommendation of a homeopathic treatment I could give her instead of being on the other medications. 

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