For Pet's Sake News for 07-17-2018

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National Pet Vax

Our Affordable National Mobile Pet Vaccination clinic services the greater Tampa Bay area providing healthy proactive care for your valued family pets. National Pet Vax mobile vaccination facilities visit many convenient locations throughout the west coast of Florida including Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties, primarily on weekends, offering you competitive pricing and quality vaccination services, from a professional, courteous and highly experienced staff. We will provide your family pet with all their vaccination and health needs by offering a full range of vaccinations, heartworm medications, and flea control products to promote well being and help them lead a long and happy life. We can accommodate that adorable new puppy or kitten as well as your beloved senior dog or cat. National Pet Vax is always working to bring you great prices, convenience and a professional staff. 

National Pet Vax strives to be your most convenient, affordable and best choice to assist with your pets needs to maintain that happy and enthusiastic pet you know and love. We look forward to seeing you soon at a location close to where you live! National Pet Vax offers affordable Pet Vaccination Clinics and Pet Health Screening for dogs and cats. Our goal is to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them in the greater Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Available on weekends at convenient locations near you. 

National Pet Vax Mobile Animal Hospitals visit many convenient locations throughout the west coast of Florida including Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. Visit our Schedules page for Pet Vaccination Clinic locations near you. 

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Alliance Animal Health Center

N O T I C E: ATTENTION BOARDING CLIENTS. If your pet is on any prescriptions, allergy medications, or vitamins, please plan to bring the medication in the original vial, bottle, or container. A general wellness visit will begin with a trained veterinary technician obtaining medical history and vital signs for your pet before the veterinarian will perform a complete body system examination. The full service grooming spas of Alliance Animal Health Center offer breed specific haircuts or your own personalized styles. Our pet stylists possess over 20 years of experience in professional pet grooming, we carry quality products, provide quality grooming for your pet, and we make sure your pets comfort is a priority. 

Alliance Animal Health Center is proud of the fact that we have been serving the veterinary needs of the community for over 25 years and we are proud to have two locations to serve the needs of pet parents and pets. Our ultimate goal to to help give your pet the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible. Alliance Animal Health Center is a full service veterinary hospital servicing the Fort Worth, TX area. Our veterinarians and staff understand that your pets are more than just pets; they are family. As fellow pet lovers and pet owners, we pride ourselves on treating your pets as if they are our own. 

We recommend you bring in any medical history, including vaccination history, for your pet on your first visit. We also highly recommend a complete physical examination for all pets on their first visit. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your pet and to establish a baseline for future care. 

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Probiotics, What Are They? Do our dogs NEED Them?

Friendly bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifido-bacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus are your pets body’s first line of defense against the all the potentially harmful microorganisms that your pet or yourself inhale or ingest. Probiotics are another term for these friendly bacteria that live and work in the gastrointestinal tract every day of our life. Having sufficient numbers of these friendly bacteria in residence can help prevent a wide range of health problems. METABOLIC, NUTRITIVE, PROTECTIVE and ANTI-MICROBIAL. There are two types of bacteria, which colonize our bodies, good and harmful bacteria. 

Good bacteria, most of which are Lactic Acid bacteria ensure good health. To achieve this they must be present in optimal numbers, types and ratio…. Probiotics are live and beneficial bacteria. If we wish our petsto maintain a healthy body, we need large quantities of friendly bacteria. Live bacteria supplementation, as opposed to freeze-dried or liquid preparation tend to have a greater effect on the re-colonization and re-balancing of the gut microflora. 

Overuse of antibiotics destroys good bacteria as well as bad. Moreover, stress, poor diet, pollutants, environmental changes, and prescription drugs can also deplete beneficial bacteria. These chemicals, as well as chemicals in the water supply, reduce the good bacteria in the gut. Pets with large amounts of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of unhealthy organisms. If pets are to maintain a healthy body, they need large quantities of friendly bacteria. 

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Bird Food Guide: An Insider’s Guide to The Ideal Avian Diet

At home, your bird also nourishes himself on what’s available, so it should ideally be the most balanced, natural and whole food possible. A bird on a poor diet will not live out his full life span, and will most likely succumb to any number of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. A good diet boosts the immune system and helps the bird ward off illness. They are also fun for your bird to eat and are packed with a wide variety of healthy, nutritious, non-GMO ingredients, most of which your bird would search out in the wild. The base diet – whether it’s Nutri-Berries, Nutri-Meal bars, Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries or Premium Daily Diet Pellets, or a combination of these – should be offered in the morning when the bird is hungriest. 

Many new bird owners become confused about what they should feed their birds. If your bird is eating Lafeber products, you have much less to worry about, because these diets are nutritionally complete. Still, you may have a bird that is molting, laying eggs, or recuperating from an illness or injury, or perhaps your bird is stressed from a recent move, loss of a mate or other stressful situation. Speak with your avian veterinarian about dietary supplementation before you start giving them to your pet bird. These recipes, all of which include Lafeber bird foods, are also great for weaning chicks and molting birds. 

Along with your bird’s base diet and other healthful foods, it’s great to offer nutritious snacks, but most importantly, snacks should be fun to eat, like Popcorn Nutri-Berries. Snacks should make up no more than 10% of your bird’s diet during the week. 

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