Love your pet News for August 06 2017

Providing Exceptional, Loving In-Your-Home Pet Care for Your Furry Friends

Leaving your pets while at work or on vacation can be one of the hardest things to do. Who do you trust? Does your pet struggle when kenneled? Are you searching endlessly for a responsible college student? Pure Love Pet Sitting is all about providing pure love, professional, exceptional care of your pets and your home while you are at work or while you are away on vacation. Not only do we love pets, we are professional and that means we are insured and bonded as well as a member of the Pet Sitters International Association. You can be rest assured your pets are in professional and loving hands. We are licensed, bonded and insured as well as a member of Pet Sitters International Association.

Pet Clark* – I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love – Discogs

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Loving and Letting Go of Your Pet

A child’s bond with a beloved animal is a powerful one. The loss of a pet due to illness or trauma can be a troubling time in a child’s life. When You Have to Say Goodbye – Loving and Letting Go of Your Pet is a fully-illustrated children’s book that gently describes the why’s surrounding end-of-life issues with animals. The book details ways for children to move through this experience in a positive fashion. While written with young family members in mind, this book is certain to touch the heart of adults as well. “This book belongs in every veterinary practice, library and school system in the country. A child’s love for a pet lasts a lifetime. This book is instrumental in helping navigate a very difficult period in a child’s life.” – Sue Curtis, Executive Director – Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association. “This is a terrific children’s book and resource for both parents and kids, to help them navigate through the difficult, yet normal feelings regarding pet loss! Definitely a worthwhile read!” – Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psychotherapist and National TV Commentator. “Thanks to Monica Mansfield and Lennie Peterson, When You Have to Say Goodbye is a delightful, well written and well illustrated book that fulfills a need and should be in every veterinarian’s waiting room.” – Alexander de Lahunta DVM, PhD, Emeritus Professor. “This is well written and very thoughtful. It is an excellent, well illustrated book that can help a child through the painful process of saying goodbye to a beloved pet. This book should find its way into the hands of all children who experience this painful but sometimes necessary experience of life, creating more sensitive, loving and understanding adults when life hands us other disappointments, loss and grief.” – Dr. Jim Humphries, President – Veterinary News Network. “I am glad to know there are books like Beanpole Books’ When You Have to Say Goodbye: Loving and Letting Go of Your Pet, by Monica Mansfield, that help kids understand the process of grieving for these family members. It’s an important book.” – Sarah C., The Daily Pretzel.

Pet Birds by Lafeber Co.

How long has the doctor been working on birds? Ideally, he or she should have extensive experience working directly with birds. Does the veterinary office quarantine sick birds? Ideally, the office should have a separate area for ill birds. Sticker your glass and mirrors, or keep them dirty! Open Windows & Doors Many pet birds that fly away are never recovered. Some companion bird guardians choose to have their birds’ wing feathers clipped, and others choose to leave their birds flighted. You’ll often hear that birds hide the signs of illness until it’s too late, and the illness is either too far advanced to be cured, or the bird is belly up in the cage. Being Picked On By Cage Mates: Birds will pick on other birds that are ill, and may even kill the weakened one. Breeding birds takes more than just putting a nest in the cage with a pair of birds. Quarantine is traditionally a period of 40 days in which a new bird should be separated from other birds in order to make sure that the bird is healthy. Many deadly avian diseases are easily spread through the air or close contact, so it’s important to separate new birds from established birds. The bigger the bird, the less able a cat will be able to test the boundaries, so small birds are more in danger in a household with cats. Rats, Rabbits & Other Furry Critters: Most “Critters” aren’t dangerous to birds, but they do carry pasteurella bacteria, which is deadly to birds. Write your bird’s name and species, your phone number, and your veterinarian’s phone number in permanent ink on the bird’s carrier, and draw an arrow on each side to indicate which way is “Up.” Most birds are fairly calm inside the carrier, but some may panic. These days, most states require that all birds sold be “Closed banded,” meaning that a small, metal band is placed by the bird breeder onto the bird’s leg when the bird is just a few days old. Some breeders don’t do this, especially with smaller birds, but most do band their baby birds, especially if they intend to sell the birds to stores or to the general public.

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