Love your pet News for October 05 2017

Love Your Pets Pet Tag Review ยป Connected2Christ

Protecting your pet is protecting a member of the family and one of the most reliable ways to ensure the safe return of any pet is a pet id tag. I learned after doing some research of my own that shelters have reported that 90 percent of tagged animals are returned to their owners, so I knew I had to start looking for the right tag for our cat. While browsing the internet for personalized pet identification tags, I came across Love Your Pets. While on their site, I learned that Love Your Pets was established in 1981 and to this day is a family owned and operated business that promises affordable pet id tags with a lifetime guarantee. I was given the opportunity to review several styles and colors of Love Your Pets ID Tags that are currently available on their site. After deciding which type of tag, I was brought to a drop down menu which offers suggestions for the lines of text for the type of tag you are creating such as pet, medical, luggage, and custom to create whatever you so choose. An added feature that I love is that I could preview what my ordered tags would possibly come to look like with text as I typed it out! This feature helped me know the limit of letters for each line and how it would possibly look like once engraved upon the tag! Once my order was placed in the system, I received my tags in just days! They weren’t kidding when they promised fast delivery! Love Your Pets ID Tags are extremely durable! I was very impressed with quality of each of the tags I ordered. The tags are thick and durable and the the letters are perfectly stamped with no flaw at all. Note that with each tag you order, the jump ring you’ll need to attach it is also included. Usually when you pay less for a product there’s a good chance it won’t last or stand up over time but that is not the case with Love Your Pets ID Tags at all! These tags will definitely stand up to time and for the price of $3.95 you won’t find a better id tag for your pet or for any other custom need you may have elsewhere! Disclaimer: I was given several id tags to review from Love Your Pets.

Pet Sitter Phoenix, AZ

We will contact you to arrange your pet sitting service once we receive your request. Would you like to have an experienced professional pet sitter care for your dog, cat and household pets, that is bonded, insured and certified? Would you like to have a pet sitter care for your dog, cat and pets that will give your pets lots of hugs, kisses, belly rubs, petting and play time? Would you like to have a pet sitter keep your dog, cat and pets on their daily schedule for meals, medication or anything else needed? Would you like to have a pet sitter care for your dog, cat or pets that will be happy to keep you informed about your pets and your home while you’re away? If you want this and much more, Love Your Pets Too is the pet sitting service for you and we’re affordable! See our “Services and Rates” page for a list of prices and services we provide. See our “Client Comments” for ratings and reviews on our pet sitting services. As owners and operators of Love Your Pets Too Pet Sitting Services, we are dedicated to keeping your dog, cat, pets and home safe and secure in your absence. We started our pet sitting business in the Phoenix area in 2004. As our pet sitting services grew and the need to expand into other areas, we enlisted family members to offer pet sitting for your dog, cat and pets in other sections of Phoenix. We are family owned and operated by our “Family Team” of experienced, qualified, bonded and insured pet sitter. We do all of our own pet sitting, which means you will have the same pet sitter for your dog, cat or household pet each visit. In case of emergency our family team of pet sitter are always willing to fill in for each other. You will appreciate the way our family team of pet sitter care for your dogs, cats and household pets when you’re away. Our “Family Team” of pet sitter are now pleased to offer pet sitting for your dog, cat and household pets in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Tolleson, Avondale, Litchfield Park, Goodyear and surrounding areas. We consider it a real pleasure to be your pet sitter.

Love Your Prospects, Love Their Pets: Pet-Themed Promo Items Have Surprising Benefits

One thing that savvy marketers understand is that, even when you’re doing B2B marketing, you’re still marketing to a real human being. So there’s a very good chance you’re marketing to a person with a pet, since 68% of households in this country share their space with a pet. Now consider what these items can do for your marketing efforts. It’s true that a clever, well-thought of promotional product can break through the clutter, and that there are some innovative, useful products that work both for internal and external audiences. Chances are good your prospects probably receive the standards, like t-shirts, ball-point pins and calendars. A pet tag, doggie bandana, or toy can help you stand out, which can help you make an impression. It’s scientific fact: interacting with our pets produces oxytocin, or the “Love hormone”, a neurotransmitter that is associated with powerful and positive emotions-it helps us love, trust, and make bonded connections. Now, imagine what’s going to happen when your prospect is clipping your branded tag to his or her dog’s collar, or playing a round of catch. As your prospect’s brain is flooded with oxytocin and pet love, he or she is also going to associate your brand with those moments. Before integrated marketers invest in thousands of pet toys, they need to invest in maintaining a bullet-proof list: after all, receiving a pet toy in the mail might be confusing to a prospect who doesn’t have a pet at all! So it’s essential that you know whom you’re talking to. So now that you have the genius ideas to court clients by appealing to their pets, you’ve still got to hone in on the audience, what the bigger campaign is going to look like, and what else you’re going to do to lure them deeper into the funnel. Keep reading for more genius ideas that will help with all of the above.

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