Pet Sitting

Only $20 per Visit, for your peace of mind!

Our pet sitting professionals will come to your home and care for your pets, giving them the loving care and attention that they deserve when you are away. Our fees are based upon the number of thirty-minute visits we make to your home and do not vary based upon the number or type of pet(s) that we care for.

Take a look at these sample instructions to leave for your pet sitting professional.


Vacations may be relaxing for you and your family, but they are very stressful for your pets! They are already going to be confused and upset at your extended absence, don’t make it worse by boarding them in a strange kennel. While you are gone we can visit your house up to four times a day, ensuring your pets stay on schedule and are comfortable in their own homes.


Whether you want us to only come out for your occasional long day at the office, or if you would like to schedule more regular afternoon visits, we can be there to make sure you don’t come home to any unpleasant accidents because your pet just couldn’t wait.

Trusted Professionals

All pet sitters are mature and responsible animal lovers. The hiring process includes checking references, a criminal background check and a 10-panel drug screen so you can be confident that the people entering your home are safe and honest. We are fully insured in case of any contingency.


Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • Feed your pet on the same schedule and in the same surroundings they are used to and following any special diet instructions.
  • Exercise them daily, administer medications, ointments, injections, or other medical care they may require.
  • Contact your veterinarian in case of emergency or illness.
  • Play with your pet(s) and their favorite toys and give them as much love as we possible can.
  • Bring in mail and newspapers, rotate your lights, water your plants and make it appear as if you are home.
  • After every walk we towel off the bottoms of your dog’s feet.
  • Provide rehabilitative care after surgeries or illnesses.
  • Special requests to make your absence easier for you and your pet(s).

Arranging For Our Services

When you call For Pet’s Sake, we will meet you and your pet(s) in your home at least once before you plan to leave. This gives you and your animals a chance to meet with us and make sure you are confident in our abilities. There is no charge for this initial consultation. During this visit we will accomplish the following:

  • Complete a client information sheet which gives us details about the pets, their care and medical history.
  • Arrangement to pick up and return a key to your residence.
  • Get signed consent form for the care of your animals.

Preparing For Our Visit

Please make sure we have your key, or you leave it in the agreed-upon spot. We are very uncomfortable about going anywhere you haven’t given us explicit permission to go, so please make sure food, treats, leashes, and harnesses are where they are supposed to be. Diets, medications and routines change, so notes are always appreciated!