Sample instructions for your pet sitter

Roxy: grey & white toy poodle
Cosmo: black & white miniature poodle
Elmo: black & white poodle mix

Leashes are in cabinet below island.
Poo bags are in dispenser across the street.
Roxy: smallest harness
Cosmo: brown harness
Elmo: red harness

All 3 dogs get fed 2x/day, after their walks.
Food dishes are next to sink.
Dry food in plastic container in cabinet below island.
Baby Asprin on top of island.
Pumpkin in tupperware container in refrigerator with green top.

Roxy: a little over a half scoop of dry food mixed with a teaspoon of pumpkin. Put her dish to left of water bowl.
Cosmo: 1 rounded scoop of dry food mixed with a teaspoon of pumpkin. Put his dish to right of water bowl.
Elmo: 1 rounded scoop of dry food. Put his dish near island.
Elmo: In the am also give him a teaspoon of pumpkin (he will lick it right off the spoon) with a half of baby aspirin in it.
Elmo: In the pm just give him a teaspoon of pumpkin.

PM Treats & Medication:
After dinner they will each get the following (all on top of island):
1 NuVet chewable (Roxy will get 1/2)
1 NuJoint chewable
1 Greenie (Cosmo gets petit, Roxy and Elmo get teenies)

In case of emergency:
my cell phone is: 881-3403.
My neighbor’s (Mary Jo) phone is 801-1868.
Our Vet is Animal Medical Hospital (on Houston Northcutt)