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For Pet's Sake News for 08-14-2018

Greencross Vets Dr Kirsty Talks Healthy Pets Plus

Dog Diseases & Health Issues

Dogs and cats suffer a wide range of health issues, from simple colds to more serious chronic conditions, such as heart disease. Veterinarians get millions of visits from ailing dogs and cats every year. While some dog diseases and disorders may be easily treated by the vet, many require ongoing treatment and care to ensure your pet’s ongoing health and wellbeing. We have created a full database of common dog ailments to help you better understand some of the many health issues that your cat or dog may experience. This ranges from more obvious issues, like lethargy and general wellness issues, to more subtle dog health issues, including Cushing’s disease, kennel cough, sleep issues, as well as glaucoma and other forms of visual impairment. 

Separation anxiety is one of the most common forms of pet anxiety, causing your dog or cat to suffer from various stress and behavior issues when left alone in the home. Dogs and cats may also suffer from depression, grief, and other mood disorders common to humans. Understanding the most common signs and symptoms, causes, and treatment options for cancer in dogs and cats can make the experience a little bit easier. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes recurring seizures in your dog or cat. Many dog owners are concerned about heart and circulatory problems, such as congestive heart failure, heartworm disease, and issues with blood vessels. 

Joint issues in pets are common, leading to pain, discomfort, and general mobility problems. Lyme disease is spread by ticks and is another common infection among dogs. 

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Source: https://canna-pet.com/ailments

Healthy Pet Natural Pet Care Market

Experienced and knowledgeable staff at Healthy Pet to better serve your focus on healthy options for your pet to increase the vitality and quality of life for all pets. The history of how Healthy Pet came to be is more a story of evolution. From humble beginnings as a pet supply store in Texas, to a move across the country to the Chicagoland region, animals have always been a part of the story. Eventually, the opportunity to open another pet supply store arose, and was met with much gusto. The products available were not enough to keep the store’s much beloved rottie, Pepper, thriving. 

From Pepper, we learned our inspiration to do right by our pets, and although Pepper passed away in 2008, after 14 awesome years, her memory continues to inspire us to search for new ideas, new products to better serve our four legged community. After receiving her degree from UIUC, she returned as manager of Healthy Pet in 2004. Nicole loves working with people to create the healthiest and most engaging lives for our pets. Nicole’s dog, Gabi, a duck tolling retriever, is her inspiration. With the pet category growing as much as it is, Nicole looks at new products to bring in to better fulfill our pet’s lives. 

She trains the staff to know the products, try them for themselves and their pets, and to recommend only what they believe in. Nicole highest priorities are the best selection, with the best pricing, with the best customer service. 

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Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz/healthy-pet-natural-pet-care-market-aurora

Veterinarian In Redding, CA USA :: Home

Thank you for visiting our website! Pet Care Naturally is an outpatient clinic that offers comprehensive medical care for companion animals. From intake to discharge, pets are viewed inclusively: their medical history, current status, and diet. Patients and their families can expect to be treated with respectful professionalism and capable expertise; with the patient’s care our utmost priority. Our goal is to work harmoniously with patients and families to facilitate better wellness, a positive experience, and receptive inspiration along the way. 

A suitable diet is critical for your pet’s health and vitality. Families and pets will receive a nutritional consultation during an office visit, at no extra expense. Our clinic provides a variety of products that include raw food diets, allergy specific diets, nutritional supplements, and healthful pet treats. It is important to us that your pet is eating a proper diet that enhances overall health and longevity. We encourage you to register for our free newsletter, which encompasses a wide range of topics concerning your pet’s needs. 

Valuable information regarding your pet’s health and well-being will be offered, along with helpful tips. These updated newsletters can answer questions you may have, broaden knowledge, and most of all benefit you and your pet. At Pet Care Naturally, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. 

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Source: http://www.pcnvet.com

Pets: Good for Your Health?

There’s no doubt that Americans love their pets. A new survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association shows that more than 57 percent of U.S. households own one or more animals. Sure, pets provide companionship and unconditional love. Many four-legged pets, especially dogs, can also get owners off the couch. 

The AVMA survey found that nearly half of respondents considered their pets to be companions; only about 2 percent considered them to be property. Families with allergies can still get a pet if they can commit to allergy shots. Families may choose furless and featherless pets instead, like turtles, iguanas, fish and snakes. If you opt for a live animal, make sure to do plenty of research before you bring one home, and choose one whose personality, size and requirements fit your needs, abilities and living situation. Don’t think adding more pets will bring more health benefits. 

Beck says that for many people one or two is plenty-more animals do not mean more health. Finally, as many benefits as pets bring, it’s important not to become too dependent on those animal companions, cautions psychologist Alan Entin, past president of the American Psychological Association’s division of family psychology. Though they make great companions, in the end pets are still no substitute for human friends and family. 

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Source: https://www.newsweek.com/pets-good-your-health-87191

For Pet's Sake News for 08-12-2018

Reportage “Quelles croquettes pour nos bêtes” : mon avis.

Can Cats Be Healthy Vegans?

This has launched a thousand pet food brands advertising correct nutrition for cats and dogs with no animal by-products, effectively making them vegans. Dogs evolved with a longer intestinal tract and different enzymes to digest plant matter, as detailed in a study of two vegan diets for cats in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association1. With a shorter intestinal tract, cats have all the right ingredients for digesting raw meat very well. This makes cats uniquely incapable of staying healthy unless their diet includes those delicious chunks of meat. Essentially, without a steady diet of meat cats can experience severe malnutrition. 

Despite the availability of alternative food brands advertising a vegan lifestyle for cats, a 2006 study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association revealed many owners share the belief that this lifestyle is not healthy for their feline friends3. These assumptions are generally correct, as cats who are fed a strict vegan diet lacking sufficient taurine, niacin, and arginine begin to break down their own muscle and organ tissue2. Cats suffering from malnutrition from an inadequate diet will be small in size, short-lived, and experience growing muscle weakness and blindness unless their diet is adjusted. An often-used solution for pet owners determined to feed cats a vegan diet is nutrition through supplementation. Even pro-vegan websites, such as Vegan Cats, do recommend including some meat in cat’s diets due to their susceptibility to urinary and kidney problems4. 

Cutting out meat altogether, however much a cat’s owner likes it, is a personal choice a cat cannot make. While cats are capable of living off a supplemented vegan diet, it is not the healthiest choice for them. 

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Source: https://patch.com/georgia/lilburn/can-cats-be-healthy-vegans

Some veterinarians cite the pet food industry’s push to include better labeling on foods, including calories per serving, as an advance in helping with weight control. Others describe the print as too small and the calorie information unhelpful because calorie needs vary widely by breed, genetics and current weight. Many dogs and cats that are overweight will need their calories reduced by at least a third, according to the University of Florida’s Dr. Schmalberg. An average-size indoor cat needs between 150 to 200 calories per day to maintain weight, while dogs’ ideal weights are trickier to assess. 

Experts also disagree on which type of food promotes better weight loss, wet or dry. Some data suggests wet food’s higher water and protein content carries more benefit because it reduces appetite, says Dr. Jonathan Stockman, who runs the clinical nutrition service at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, in Ft. Collins, Colo. But dry food has a higher fiber content, he says, so a similar argument can be made for that. 

Other options, such as fat-blocking drugs or stomach-shrinking surgeries available to people, seldom play a part in veterinary medicine. Most veterinarians feel that weight loss can best be managed through diet. The goal is to get to a healthy weight before health issues take hold, veterinarians agree. Even though diabetes in cats, for example, can be reversed by aggressive dietary measures, says Dr. Lori Teller, a veterinarian at the Meyerland Animal Clinic in Houston, they work only with early diagnosis. 

Diabetes in dogs, rarely related to obesity, is considered irreversible, she and others say, because insulin production shuts down completely. 

Keywords: [“food”,”weight”,”Dr.”]
Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/02/well/fat-pets-dog-cat-health.html

Should You Sleep With Your Pet? Health Risks and Benefits

Perhaps fittingly, cats get to enjoy the lion’s share of the bedroom: Less than half of dogs get to share the bed, while 62% of cats sleep with their adult pet owners, and 13% of cats sleep with children, according to the National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association. Americans reported pet co-sleeping arrangements more than any other country, with 53% of American pet owners sleeping with their cats, and 41% of American dog owners sharing the bed. In the mid-60 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for quality sleep, so you may want to set the thermostat a few degrees cooler if you allow your pet to sleep by you in the bed.4. Pets aren’t exactly clean, but if you keep your pet up to date on vaccinations and flea medication and they’re otherwise healthy, you should be fine to sleep with your pet. Dogs have dreams just like we do, and kick, grunt and move in their sleep during REM sleep. 

Letting your pet sleep in the bed can prove problematic for couples. Larger dogs sleep more than smaller breeds, and puppies may sleep up to 20 hours per day to support their development. Dogs also experience a sleep cycle just like humans, beginning with slow wave light sleep and ending with REM sleep. They enter REM sleep much sooner, and they spend only 10 percent of their total sleep time in REM, since their sleep is often interrupted by activity or noise. Humans, on the other hand, spend about 25 percent of their sleep in REM and require about 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep on average per night. 

Cats sleep 15 hours on average per day, but may sleep up to 20 hours depending on their age. Birds experience much shorter sleep cycles than mammals, as short as just a few minutes in NREM and several seconds in REM sleep. 

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Source: https://www.tuck.com/sleeping-with-pets

For Pet's Sake News for 08-04-2018

Animal Health Care Center

Welcoming a new pet into your home is an exciting time. It is also the time to start taking care of your little one. Start a healthy life for your pet with puppy and kitten vaccinations. Not knowing what is bothering your pet is upsetting. In-house diagnostics allow you to learn more about your pet’s health so you can make decisions about your care approach. 

As our friends become older there are a great number of problems they may be faced with. We are here to help you along the way with this journey. Trust your pet in the hands of animal lovers who provide the highest quality of care. Contact Us. Shampoos, prescription diets, neutraceuticals. 

High quality nourishment is at the core of supporting a long, healthy life. Protect your pet’s entire body by caring for his mouth. 

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Source: http://animalhealthcarenorth.com

Balanced Diet For Dogs

Here are some tips on what dogs can eat and how to check whether your dog is eating a balanced diet. These dog food tips are very handy when it comes to dog care. It is a matter of pride to own healthy and strong dogs. Perfect health can be accomplished only with a balanced diet. For the pet, a number of thing needs to be consider, when it comes to feeding it. 

Even if you feed your dog with the costliest dog foods, it might be deprived of the nutrients essential for its growth and development. On the other hand, eating too much can make the pet obese, which may ultimately need weight control. You need to provide your pet with a balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients in it. In this article, we have discussed the food and balanced diet required for dogs. 

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Source: http://pets.iloveindia.com/dogs/dog-food-diet.html

Cat and Dog Bites

Severe bites may require additional medical attention. Examine your wound for nerve, tendon, or bone damage. Give you a tetanus shot if your last vaccine was more than 5 years ago. Most people who have cat and dog bites do not need a shot. The disease is uncommon in cats and dogs in the United States. 

If you know the owner of the cat or dog that bit you, ask for their health records. If positive, you will need to get a series of rabies shots. You’ll get 2 shots right away and 3 more shots over a 14-day period. If the cat or dog that bit you is a stray, call animal control. If needed, report your bite incident to the proper authority. 

If your wound gets worse or starts, call your doctor right away. There are many things you can do to help prevent cat and dog bites. 

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Source: https://familydoctor.org/cat-and-dog-bites

May Dates and Locations

Healthy Pets visits each location at least once per month, always on Saturdays and Sundays. Please see the locations below listed by date and then county. If you are on the border between two counties, such as Pasco/Pinellas or Hillsborough/Pasco, please check both counties as we have several locations where we see clients from multiple counties. Healthy Pets would like to welcome our new location Poochie’s Pet Hotel, located at 2405 Crosby Road in Valrico! Healthy Pets would also like to welcome the Tampa Bay Cat Alliance in Hudson! 

We do not have clinics scheduled for Manatee, Hernando or Polk Counties this weekend, please see the following weekend dates below. Park is on the corner of Jacaranda and Woodmere Park Blvd intersection. 

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Source: http://www.floridahealthypets.com/may-dates-and-locations.html

Health & Wellness Animal Hospital

Health & Wellness Animal Hospital provides comprehensive and progressive veterinary medicine and preventive care for pets in Hampton Falls, the New Hampshire seacoast, and the surrounding areas. We always accept new patients and would be happy to help you and your pet in any way possible. Our services include preventive and wellness examinations, vaccines, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, grooming, and care for sick and injured animals. We also offer alternative veterinary therapies such as veterinary acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, allowing us to provide alternative treatments for your pet’s medical needs. Please call 926-5500 today to make an appointment for your pet dog or cat! 

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Source: http://www.healthandwellnessanimalhosp.com

Animal & Exotic Medical Center

Animal & Exotic Medical Center is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in Lutz, Florida, that offers wellness care, surgical care, and dental care for their patients. We offer in-house blood work, radiographs, laser therapy, and ultrasound. Animal & Exotic Medical Center provides care for small animals and exotics, such as reptiles, pocket pets, and birds. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Please take a moment to contact us today, to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Animal & Exotic Medical Center can serve the needs of you and your pet. 

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Source: http://animalandexoticmedicalcenter.vetstreet.com

All-Natural and Healthy Dog Food

Made from highest quality, naturally , raised chickens. Very high in protein and vitaminsthink shiny healthy furry coats! Our pets tell us that Green Mountain Treats have a distinctive taste and smell which makes it an ideal training tool, even for pets that don’t typically vie for treats. OUR MISSION is to make healthy treats that will not make our pets fat! Obesity is a national epidemic and we want to do our part in making wise choices that will contribute to our pet’s long and healthy life. 

OUR MISSION is to donate as much as possible to Lucy Mackenzie Humane society located in Brownsville, Vermont. This past year, thanks to all of you, we were able to make a generous donation. 

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Source: http://www.greenmountaintreats.com

For Pet's Sake News for 07-23-2018

Calculs urinaires, insuffisances rénales : Pourquoi le pâté est indispensable ?

Carpet Cleaning Raleigh NC & Cary #1 Rated $35/Room Healthy

Our healthy and non-toxic cleaning products will keep your home clean and your family safe. Try our service once and you will never look for another carpet cleaner again, Guarantee! We offer both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL Carpet Cleaning, Area Rug and Upholstery too using Organic. Cleaning products that are food grade! We are family and veteran owned business serving Apex, Cary, Durham, Holly Spring, Fuquay Varina, Raleigh and surrounding communities. 

Carpet cleaning service will leave your home healthier. We use organic and non-toxic cleaning products. Our CRB cleaning machines use two counter-rotating brush to deeply clean your the carpet with minimum water, preventing MOLD growth. Your carpet will look like NEW. Checkout our google reviews, you will soon see why our carpet cleaning Raleigh NC, Apex and Cary cleaning methods are the first choice for homeowners and commercial suites. 

Green Cleaning Meets EPA/DPE and Green chemistry guideline standards. NO WET CARPETS! your pets and children may walk, sit, play and sleep safely on the carpet immediately after our green and safe cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning method is recommended for people with Asthma or people highly allergic to indoor allergens. The costs do not vary much between the two, which means dry cleaning is not only better but cost-effective as well. 

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Source: http://thehealthycarpet.com

Vitamins for your Pets

Vitamins help to fortify the immune system and also control the body’s appropriation of minerals. If there are no vitamins and no trace minerals, the body has no ability to use the vitamins to help fight disease and therefore the vitamins are useless. Just like for us, vitamins and minerals are very important nutrients. Vitamins perform many important functions for our pets. If your pets depend on canned or dried food, it is necessary to consider supplementing their diet with vitamins and minerals. 

Vitamins are classified into 2 main groups: Fat soluble and water soluble. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble dissolved in fats. Liver is an excellent food source for all these vitamins. For example: poor skin and hair coat when deficient in vitamins A and / or B; Your pet will be anemic and constantly tired if deficient in vitamin B; and will have cancer and heart problems if deficient in vitamin D. Hopefully, you buy your animal a premium quality food: food that has no preservatives and artificial colors. 

You need to fortify your animal’s diet with extra vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C performs many critical tasks in your pets body. You should consult your veterinarian on the most appropriate vitamin supplement for your pet and the recommended doses of the vitamins and minerals it needs, as each pet is a bit different. 

Keywords: [“vitamin”,”pet”,”mineral”]
Source: http://www.vitamins-nutrition.org/vitamins/vitamins-pets.html

Veterinarian In Abilene, TX USA :: Home

Voted Reader’s Choice, Abilene’s Best veterinarian for 2 years now, Dr. Allen Bolt is a licensed veterinarian, treating all types of small animals and some large farm animals. Your pet’s health and well being is very important to us and we will take every step to give your pet the best possible care. Animal Health and Medical Center is a full service animal hospital that takes care of medical, surgical, and dental issues. Allen Bolt is experienced in all types of conditions and treatments. 

Beyond first rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and a very calm environment so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting his or her own Abilene veterinarian. We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Browse around and look at our articles and pet videos. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention. If you want to ask a question call 325-695-7140 or email us and we’ll promptly get back to you. 

Our Abilene veterinarian office is very easy to get to, and you can find directions on our Contact Us page. In between your veterinary visits, your pet will benefit from you reading these free informative articles. At Animal Health and Medical Center, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. 

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Source: http://ahmcbolt.com

Homemade Dog Food: Real Food for Pets

I must admit, this post on homemade dog food was written and ready to post weeks ago but the day before I was planning to publish it our family dog Daisy jumped our fence and was hit by a car and killed. The kids have taken it pretty hard so I wasn’t ready to publish a post about pets when the loss of our dog was so fresh on my mind. Since many people think of their dog as part of the family, they want to give their pets the best diet possible. Shortly after our transition to real food, I started researching real food diets for pets to figure out what the best options were for our dog and cats. Processed grain-based dog and cat foods were obviously not the traditional diets for pets. 

Most recommended something I had not even considered: homemade dog food. Dogs in the wild don’t eat a cooked, uniform, packaged diet, so perhaps we should consider that dogs in our homes shouldn’t either. When we started this, I wanted to make sure that the bacteria in raw meat wouldn’t be problematic for our dog. Of course, I was still careful to handle meat safely when giving it to our dog. Do some research and find a diet that you are comfortable feeding your dog. 

Our dog didn’t need as much raw food as she did dried dog food probably because it was more nutrient dense. I also made homemade dog treats occasionally to add variety to her diet. 

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Source: https://wellnessmama.com/31287/homemade-dog-foods

For Pet's Sake News for 07-19-2018

Partners For Healthy Pets

Companion Animal Hospital

We’re excited to announce that our hospital has changed its name to Companion Animal Hospital! We are the same clinic, with the same staff that will continue to provide you with the service and care you have come to expect over the years. Here at Companion Animal Hospital, we have been providing the highest quality medical care to the pets of the Hillsboro area for over 20 years. Our skilled and friendly staff is dedicated to insuring you and your pet receive the best service and care. We understand the importance of your pets to your family and we treat your pets as we would our own. 

Companion Animal Hospital is a full service small animal hospital able to treat medical, surgical, dental and emergency conditions. We will see dogs, cats and many smaller pocket pets. We provide preventative care to healthy animals, early detection and management of diseases and problems as pets age and full medical and surgical treatments when needed throughout your pet’s life. They are gentle and thorough and will care for your pet in a kind and compassionate way. Our job is not only to treat your pet when he or she is not well, but to help you learn how to keep your pet healthy and happy. 

Our goal is to be your partner in improving and maintaining your pet’s health and well being. We are strong believers in the benefits of good preventative care and we are always working to keep you informed about what you can do to help your pets live longer, healthier lives. Please come see us and let our team provide for all of your pet’s healthcare needs. 

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Source: http://www.companionahhillsboro.com

Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes: Natural Dog Diet

If your Dog has become too noisy or disobedient or aggressive, our Dog Lovers Training Course will teach you how to obedience train it and stop it from barking and biting. Regular Price: $97Current Special Price: $37. FACT #1: There have been 5300 dog food scares in 2006 and 2007, with over 3600 pet deaths. FACT #4: Homemade dog foods offer a safer choice BUT, most owners are unsure of the nutritional needs of their dogs. Many homemade diets are lacking in the key nutrients a dog needs to maintain optimal health. 

Get answers to all these questions by signing up for the FREE Online Seminar and Dog Diet and Nutrition Mini Course. It is very natural to get confused by the variety of dog foods available in the market. The first step to choose the right food for your dog is to learn to read the label. If you are feeding your dog dry food or kibbles, make sure he drinks adequate amount of water. Yes, for today’s time-crunched dog owners, cooking food at home is a hassle – but the results that you get may be worth the effort. 

Get 4 recipes for Homemade recipes from the Dog Diet and Nutrition Mini Course. Learn the exact TYPES of nutritious food you should be feeding your dog based on its size, breed and age…. Remember, feeding your dog sub-par food can actually reduce the number of years in your dog’s lives. Just enter your name and email ID and we will start sending you the Dog Diet and Nutrition mini course through email – straight to your Inbox…. Learn all these and more. 

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Source: http://www.trainpetdog.com/dog-diet.html

By fellow animal lovers and experts

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Source: https://pethelpful.com

Pet Care Assistance

To support medical care at Angell Animal Medical Center for sick or injured animals whose owners have limited financial resources. Excellent veterinary services are costly and many low-income pet owners need financial support to obtain needed care for their pets. At times when the animal-human relationship is jeopardized and there is truly both a medical and financial need, our financial assistance program lends support. To support the medical care of abused or neglected animals connected with our Law Enforcement efforts. When our Law Enforcement officers encounter situations from which they must remove animals who are being neglected or abused, the animals frequently require veterinary care, sometimes for extended periods of time. 

Pet Care Assistance provides funding for medical care for these animals. To support the medical care of homeless animals in our adoption centers. Over 20,000 animals are brought to our Animal Care and Adoption Centers every year. They do not all come to us in healthy, adoptable condition. Pet Care Assistance allows our staff to give necessary medical treatment to hundreds of deserving animals, benefitting both the animals and their future owners. 

While many patients and clients have benefited from PCA and we make every effort to maximize our funding of PCA, the fund is limited and clients must meet financial eligibility criteria in order to qualify. For information about temporary assistance for Equine animals, please see our Equine Assistance Program. 

Keywords: [“Animal”,”care”,”medical”]
Source: https://www.mspca.org/programs-resources/pet-care-assistance

For Pet's Sake News for 07-17-2018

Healthy Pet Food ⎢Dr. Marty Goldstein ⎢Martha Stewart

National Pet Vax

Our Affordable National Mobile Pet Vaccination clinic services the greater Tampa Bay area providing healthy proactive care for your valued family pets. National Pet Vax mobile vaccination facilities visit many convenient locations throughout the west coast of Florida including Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties, primarily on weekends, offering you competitive pricing and quality vaccination services, from a professional, courteous and highly experienced staff. We will provide your family pet with all their vaccination and health needs by offering a full range of vaccinations, heartworm medications, and flea control products to promote well being and help them lead a long and happy life. We can accommodate that adorable new puppy or kitten as well as your beloved senior dog or cat. National Pet Vax is always working to bring you great prices, convenience and a professional staff. 

National Pet Vax strives to be your most convenient, affordable and best choice to assist with your pets needs to maintain that happy and enthusiastic pet you know and love. We look forward to seeing you soon at a location close to where you live! National Pet Vax offers affordable Pet Vaccination Clinics and Pet Health Screening for dogs and cats. Our goal is to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them in the greater Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Available on weekends at convenient locations near you. 

National Pet Vax Mobile Animal Hospitals visit many convenient locations throughout the west coast of Florida including Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. Visit our Schedules page for Pet Vaccination Clinic locations near you. 

Keywords: [“Pet”,”Vaccination”,”National”]
Source: http://nationalpetvax.com

Alliance Animal Health Center

N O T I C E: ATTENTION BOARDING CLIENTS. If your pet is on any prescriptions, allergy medications, or vitamins, please plan to bring the medication in the original vial, bottle, or container. A general wellness visit will begin with a trained veterinary technician obtaining medical history and vital signs for your pet before the veterinarian will perform a complete body system examination. The full service grooming spas of Alliance Animal Health Center offer breed specific haircuts or your own personalized styles. Our pet stylists possess over 20 years of experience in professional pet grooming, we carry quality products, provide quality grooming for your pet, and we make sure your pets comfort is a priority. 

Alliance Animal Health Center is proud of the fact that we have been serving the veterinary needs of the community for over 25 years and we are proud to have two locations to serve the needs of pet parents and pets. Our ultimate goal to to help give your pet the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible. Alliance Animal Health Center is a full service veterinary hospital servicing the Fort Worth, TX area. Our veterinarians and staff understand that your pets are more than just pets; they are family. As fellow pet lovers and pet owners, we pride ourselves on treating your pets as if they are our own. 

We recommend you bring in any medical history, including vaccination history, for your pet on your first visit. We also highly recommend a complete physical examination for all pets on their first visit. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your pet and to establish a baseline for future care. 

Keywords: [“pet”,”care”,”veterinary”]
Source: http://www.allianceanimalhealth.com

Probiotics, What Are They? Do our dogs NEED Them?

Friendly bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifido-bacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus are your pets body’s first line of defense against the all the potentially harmful microorganisms that your pet or yourself inhale or ingest. Probiotics are another term for these friendly bacteria that live and work in the gastrointestinal tract every day of our life. Having sufficient numbers of these friendly bacteria in residence can help prevent a wide range of health problems. METABOLIC, NUTRITIVE, PROTECTIVE and ANTI-MICROBIAL. There are two types of bacteria, which colonize our bodies, good and harmful bacteria. 

Good bacteria, most of which are Lactic Acid bacteria ensure good health. To achieve this they must be present in optimal numbers, types and ratio…. Probiotics are live and beneficial bacteria. If we wish our petsto maintain a healthy body, we need large quantities of friendly bacteria. Live bacteria supplementation, as opposed to freeze-dried or liquid preparation tend to have a greater effect on the re-colonization and re-balancing of the gut microflora. 

Overuse of antibiotics destroys good bacteria as well as bad. Moreover, stress, poor diet, pollutants, environmental changes, and prescription drugs can also deplete beneficial bacteria. These chemicals, as well as chemicals in the water supply, reduce the good bacteria in the gut. Pets with large amounts of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of unhealthy organisms. If pets are to maintain a healthy body, they need large quantities of friendly bacteria. 

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Bird Food Guide: An Insider’s Guide to The Ideal Avian Diet

At home, your bird also nourishes himself on what’s available, so it should ideally be the most balanced, natural and whole food possible. A bird on a poor diet will not live out his full life span, and will most likely succumb to any number of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. A good diet boosts the immune system and helps the bird ward off illness. They are also fun for your bird to eat and are packed with a wide variety of healthy, nutritious, non-GMO ingredients, most of which your bird would search out in the wild. The base diet – whether it’s Nutri-Berries, Nutri-Meal bars, Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries or Premium Daily Diet Pellets, or a combination of these – should be offered in the morning when the bird is hungriest. 

Many new bird owners become confused about what they should feed their birds. If your bird is eating Lafeber products, you have much less to worry about, because these diets are nutritionally complete. Still, you may have a bird that is molting, laying eggs, or recuperating from an illness or injury, or perhaps your bird is stressed from a recent move, loss of a mate or other stressful situation. Speak with your avian veterinarian about dietary supplementation before you start giving them to your pet bird. These recipes, all of which include Lafeber bird foods, are also great for weaning chicks and molting birds. 

Along with your bird’s base diet and other healthful foods, it’s great to offer nutritious snacks, but most importantly, snacks should be fun to eat, like Popcorn Nutri-Berries. Snacks should make up no more than 10% of your bird’s diet during the week. 

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Source: https://lafeber.com/pet-birds/bird-food-guide

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Pets Skin Problems and Baths Part 1

Dog Aging Project

A small number of interventions have been shown to reproducibly and robustly extend lifespan in mice. Among these, the best candidate for working similarly in dogs and people is a drug called rapamycin. In order to meet our goal of increasing healthy longevity in pet dogs, the Dog Aging Project is performing an intervention trial to treat middle-aged dogs with the FDA approved drug rapamycin. At high doses, rapamycin is used successfully in human patients to prevent organ transplant rejection and to fight cancer. At low doses, rapamycin slows aging and extends lifespan in several organisms, including mice, with few or no side effects. 

The first phase of this study is complete and we are currently in the process of planning Phase 2. This next phase of the study will enroll a second cohort of middle-aged dogs into a longer-term, low-dose rapamycin regimen designed to maximize lifespan and healthspan extension. Several age-related parameters will be assessed before, during, and after the treatment period, including cognitive function, heart function, immunity, and cancer incidence. We intend for the second phase to include dogs from around the United States, and, if possible, the rest of the world. Our primary concern is improving animal health and well being. 

The dogs will be closely monitored by veterinary professionals during all phases of these studies. While it is true that high doses of rapamycin can have negative side effects such as immune suppression and delayed wound healing, these are greatly mitigated if not completely absent at the doses used to extend longevity, and both animal and human studies indicate that even mild adverse events are rare. 

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Source: http://dogagingproject.com/project-details

Natural Flea Control & Treatment

Here’s the dish: It’s time to ditch those chemical-based flea prevention products since you value your pet’s wellness. Decades of being a proactive veterinarian has helped me discover the best natural pet flea treatment – no toxic chemicals, just an arsenal of safe, easy, and natural steps to ensure healthy, itch-free pets. This FREE report will walk you through the various life stages of pet fleas, how they infiltrate your pet’s body and your home, and the number of days to fully resolve a flea infestation. Parasites are drawn to the weakest species, so you’re naturally protecting your pets from fleas when you keep them healthy. The AMAZING role of pet diet and nutrition in warding off fleas. 

Of course, a safe, clean pet environment is always important in solving pet flea infestation at home. A light-colored all natural powder that you can dust on carpets, floors, and pet areas at home to naturally terminate parasites that contact it. Remember: chemical flea products are a no-no, unless your pet’s health and comfort are already compromised. The guaranteed benefits of a flea comb for your pet. There are serious flea cases where chemical treatments are already a must, so I’ll be addressing them in this report with ways to reduce the existing dangers of pet flea infestation. 

These will not only protect your pet’s liver from the toxic consequences of chemical pest products, but also give you peace of mind while your pet is still trudging the road to full recovery. Address the root causes of pet flea infestation – and keep your cats and dogs itch-free and in the pink of health – with natural, non-toxic, and non-expensive tips from this FREE special report. 

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Source: http://www.mercola.com/Downloads/bonus/natural-flea-busting-tips/report.htm

Cockatiels, Diet and Research on Cockatiel Nutrition, A Healthy Cockatiel Diet, Avian Nutrition and Research

In the past, cockatiels were fed a seed based diet because seeds are inexpensive, readily available and they are eaten by birds in the wild. Research has shown that an all seed diet is inadequate and leads to nutritional deficiencies and health problems in pet birds. Cockatiels on an all seed diet are receiving inadequate nutrition. The Psittacine Research Project was the first research ever conducted on the dietary needs of pet birds and cockatiels specifically. The results of this ongoing project have created new standards in avian nutrition and diet. 

A diet based on pellets, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, other natural supplemental foods as well as seeds is now being recommended as the best approach to meeting all of a cockatiel’s nutritional needs. An all seed diet provides inadequate nutrition, causes health problems and is now a thing of the past. Cockatiels in the wild do eat large quantities of seeds but they also eat insects, crops, plants and other foods. Since wild birds must consume a greater quantity of food to meet their energy needs, they are able to derive all of their nutritional needs from a primarily seed based diet. Changing Diets: This clearly explains to us why cockatiels in the wild can receive adequate nutrition from an all seed diet and why our pet birds can not. 

Most avian veterinarians in the USA will strongly advise pet bird owners to convert their birds from an all seed diet to a pellet based diet, supplemented with fresh vegetables, fruits, other healthy table foods and seeds each day. The health problems associated with the high fat content and lack of nutrients in an all seed diet has been well documented. 

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Source: http://www.cockatielcottage.net/diet.html

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Dr. Becker and Dr. Robb Discuss Over-Vaccination of Pets

Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition

Opie’s pictorial at Feline Urinary Tract Diseases is a ‘must see’ for any cat caregiver who insists on feeding dry food. A cat consuming a predominantly dry food diet does drink more water than a cat consuming a canned food diet, but in the end, when water from all sources is added together, the cat on dry food consumes approximately half the amount of water compared with a cat eating canned food. Put another way, a cat on a canned food diet consumes approximately double the amount of water consumed by a cat eating dry food when all sources are considered. Before you get too confused and frustrated when reading this section, I will say at the outset: I would much rather see a cat eat any canned food versus any dry food – regardless of quality level of the canned or dry food. Regarding making cat food: People often overestimate what it takes to make a nutritious meal for their cat and assume that it means slaving away in the kitchen every day. 

We do not know all of the causes of this complex disease but what we do know is that many diabetic cats cease needing insulin or have their insulin needs significantly decrease once their dietary carbohydrate level is decreased to a more species-appropriate level than that found in many commercial foods. Many veterinarians prescribe expensive diets such as Purina DM and Hill’s m/d but you can do much better for your cat by feeding other more nutritious – and lower carbohydrate – canned foods. For optimal dental health, a cat should not be eating either canned or dry food since neither food type promotes a healthy oral cavity but we have to work with what is practical in a typical home setting and feeding a cat a ‘whole carcass prey’ diet is not terribly practical – even if it would be great for their teeth. Allowing a cat to go without food – especially an overweight cat – for a long period of time can be quite dangerous and may result in hepatic lipidosis. Once your cat is on a schedule of meal-feeding instead of free-feeding, try feeding a meal of canned food only. 

Please see the Dangers of Dry food section on my Making Cat Food page that discusses the common contamination issues associated with dry food. If you are interested in preparing your own cat food, see Making Cat Food. 

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Source: https://catinfo.org

Smart, Sensible Solutions

My eight pets have been eating Viand food for about a year. They eat a raw food diet in the A.M. and Viand in the P.M. My 15-year-old cat had kidney problems, was losing weight and vomiting every day. After starting the raw meat and…. – Sharon Tarkington West Sacramento, CA. 

Callie Jean Crytzer, a traditional Siamese cat, on a new chair we had just bought. I was ready to feed her and she was meowing for Viand, which she has been fed for her whole life. She was purchased from Applecat Acres,, in Newville, Pa. She was…. – Jan Crytzer Natrona Heights, PA. I spent a lot of time working with my holistic veterinarian and nutrition counselor trying to find a dry food to supplement the raw meat diet I feed my two cats and two dogs, and we determined Viand to be the only one that met our strict standards that the…. – Tracy Moon San Francisco, CA. 

As you know, I breed Bengal cats and have been using Viand for over 6 years. During that time, I have seen some remarkable things. To begin with, several of my cats have had F.U.S. Two of my females and one of my males had been having constant problems with…. – Sincerely, Jeanne Lee Mauasian Dynasty Cattery 98 Woodland Avenue Rutherford, NJ 07070 804-2539. I am one of those people who turned to holistic remedies, specifically diet, as a last resort rather than a first resort. 

It was more by default than design, but nevertheless, another case that Viand gets wherein the patient is already wracked by treatments. My cat Elton was 10 years…. – Alison Kruk and Elton! Fairfax Station VA. I am one of those people who turned to holistic remedies, specifically diet, as a last resort rather than a first resort. My cat Elton was 10 years…. – Alison Kruk and Elton! 

Fairfax Station VA. I first became familiar with your canine products when I brought my chocolate lab, Charlie, for a consultation and an obedience class with April Frost. My animals love your food, and I feel great about giving them your product. 

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Cat & Dog Prescriptions

From flea prevention to arthritis relief, pets often need medication at all stages of their lives. Walmart’s Pharmacy department carries pet medications at Every Day Low Prices, putting the prescriptions you need within reach so you can keep your dog or cat happy and healthy for a long, well-loved life. The process for using the Pet Medications portion of our online pharmacy works the same as it does for standard human medications. You may be able to mail in the pet medication prescription, have your vet call in the prescription or have an e-script sent in. As with all prescription-strength pet medications, you’ll need a valid prescription from a licensed veterinarian to obtain medications for your pet. 

While you can administer some over-the-counter medical solutions to your dog or cat, it’s important to do your research and consult a trained, qualified veterinary medicine professional before deciding what medications you can give to your animals and in what doses. If cost is keeping you from getting the meds your pet needs, check in with our pharmacy staff in store or over the phone to see what prices are available for the medications you need. We carry major pet prescription medications and brands plus a range of generic options. Issues like worm or parasite infection, flea infestation, skin conditions, organ disorders, wound care, behavioral disorders and arthritis relief are all covered in the range of drugs we offer through the Pet Medications section of our pharmacy. Because prescription medications are handed down from your vet, you may not need to make big choices as to what medications to give your dog or cat. 

After you get your pet’s medication filled through the Walmart Pharmacy, you’ll want to follow dosage and administration instructions exactly. If you’re having trouble getting your dog or cat to take pills as instructed, head over to Walmart’s Pet Supplies section, where you’ll find soft treats and pill pockets that you can use to mask the flavor, size and shape of your pet medications, which will likely do the trick and get your four-legged family members to take their meds without a fuss. 

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Source: https://www.walmart.com/cp/Pet-Medications/1095032

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Purina offers formulas designed for any dog’s unique needs and preferences. We believe food choices are the most important daily decisions we make for our health and well-being, and it’s not any different when it comes to feeding our pets. At Beyond®, we believe that when we connect with what’s natural, we reconnect with what’s good in food. Our goal is to give your pet the nutrition needed to be their absolute best, helping them to be energetic and resilient, while maintaining an ideal body condition, healthy skin and a stunning coat. Purina ONE′s goal is to provide pet owners with tailored nutrition for the pets they love, featuring dry dog food, wet dog food, dry cat food and wet cat food. 

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Experience Better Pet Insurance with EMBRACE

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Healthy Food for Pets- Raw Pet Food

Feed Your Pet Healthy Organic Food At Hoven Farms- Healthy Food for Pets we package our RAW Organic Pet food in easy to defrost 1/2 lb or 1 lb packages which makes it easy to feed your pet a RAW diet with Less Mess and No Stress. Take a look at our products below and check out our pricelist. Read our great guides all about the RAW diet to the left. Ordering guarantees you will have the right product and the amount you need when you need it. Just click the button fill out the form and receive a confirmation email. 

Made with Bison meat, bison offals, tripe and ground bone meal. All dog treats are made with no wheat, no corn and no soy. 

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Pet Care

You and your veterinarian make up the all-star team when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. You’re not just a Most Valuable Player on the team, you’ve got an opportunity to be a MPVO – Most Valuable Pet Owner. Vaccination Canine parvovirus Canine parvovirus type 2c Canine distemper Leptospirosis Canine influenza What to expect after your pet’s vaccination Vaccines and sarcomas: cause for concern Canine Respiratory CoronavirusDiabetes in PetsExternal ParasitesFeline Lower Urinary Tract DiseaseFeline PanleukopeniaHeartworm DiseaseLyme DiseaseSpaying and NeuteringLow-cost Spay/NeuterMicrochippingToxoplasmosis. 

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Healthy Paws Nutrition and Pet Spa

When you come to Healthy Paws you become part of our family. Your pet’s health and welfare is our number one concern and nature provides us with the best of what we need for healing. Our state of the art Pet Spa provides the serenity everyone is sure to enjoy. Adds to our goal in offering a refreshing feeling after every visit. Your pet’s diet is just as important and the more they are feed chemical and additive-free meats, grains, and vegetables that are as close to their natural diets as possible, the better they will feel! 

We also believe that feeding higher quality food will cost you less in the long run. 

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Healthy Pet in Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Astounded at several negative reviews! – I moved to Lake Oswego a year and a half ago from the Portland West Hills. I had shopped with Western Pet Supply for years and still do occasionally when over there. This little store in Lake Oswego has bent over backwards to order kibble and biscuits they normally don’t carry for my Great Dane. I was astounded to read that a few people thought the staff was rude. I have never been treated anything but kindly when I go in. 

This little store does know their foods …and I don’t expect more than that. This is all and more I expect from a pet supply retailer. 

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Vetstreet.com is the Internet’s Leading Pet Care and Health Resource / Find a Veterinarian

TRICK OF THE DAY Teaching your dog to speak on cue isn’t just a cute trick; your dog needs to know the speak command before he can learn to be quiet when asked. Vetstreet.com delivers advice from veterinarians, trainers and pet experts who are dedicated to giving you the most trusted, authoritative information for keeping pets healthy and happy. Our Find A Vet service connects you with leading veterinarians in your area. Launched in 2011, Vetstreet.com features veterinarian-reviewed medical advice and has quickly become one of the top animal health and lifestyle sites on the web. 

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Healthy Pets Houston in Cypress, TX

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Symptoms, Treatments and Resources for pet health

The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. MedHelp is not a medical or healthcare provider and your use of this Site does not create a doctor / patient relationship. We disclaim all responsibility for the professional qualifications and licensing of, and services provided by, any physician or other health providers posting on or otherwise referred to on this Site and/or any Third Party Site. Never disregard the medical advice of your physician or health professional, or delay in seeking such advice, because of something you read on this Site. We offer this Site AS IS and without any warranties. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your physician or 911 immediately.

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Pet Health Certificates

If you are considering traveling with your pet, whether it be within the United States or abroad, it is important to be aware of each state and country’s rules and regulations for importation or movement of pets. In the United States, the interstate movement of animals requires a pet health certificate. Many countries and airlines require an official health certificate performed by a USDA accredited veterinarian. You should contact your veterinarian directly to find out if he/she is accredited. The process of obtaining the necessary testing or examinations can take days to weeks, so you should plan well in advance to be sure all paperwork is complete prior to your travels. To find out more information about individual state and country regulations, airline requirements and fees please go the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services website by clicking here. If you wish to find out more information about the state of California’s requirements, please click the following link.

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:: Home

If you live in South Miami or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets – look no further. Dr. Marta Sanchez-Emden is a licensed FL veterinarian, treating all types of pets. Your pets’ health and wellbeing are very important to us, and we take every possible measure to give your animals the care they deserve. Animal Health & Rehab Center is a full service rehabilitation facility and welcomes pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Dr. Marta Sanchez-Emden has years of experience treating serious conditions and offering regular pet wellness care. Beyond first rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm, so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting our South Miami veterinarian. If you have any questions, call 305-665-3526 or email us and we’ll promptly get back to you. Our South Miami rehabilitation facility is very easy to get to – and you can find directions on our Contact Us page!

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Fresh to Frozen Pet Food

Healthy Paws was inspired by the principles of the “Biologically appropriate diet” created by the renowned veterinarian, Dr. Ian Billinghurst. He observed the health benefits for dogs and cats fed a diet of food in its natural state verses a diet of cooked or processed foods containing additives and supplements. At Healthy Paws, we continually refine this concept through collaboration with our consumers, retailers and trained pet nutritionists. We also offer a variety of simple minced proteins, bones, and natural dietary supplements. Healthy Paws is a family owned Canadian company that offers “Fresh-to-frozen” products that capture food’s nutrients in their richest state. We are dedicated to providing high quality nutrition through the use of human-grade ingredients that are preservative and additive free. We have developed a variety of raw food products to help your pet achieve a balanced diet from natural sources and we’ve made it easy to serve with our portion sizes and re-sealable packaging.

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Dog Health Products and Supplies

Delivered quickly, and they made my turtle very happy. 10 out of 10That Pet Place has a wide variety of items for all of my exotic pets- I don’t need to go to different stores to find what I want for each of my pets. 9 out of 10I ordered from TFP years ago, the last time I had an aquarium. When I decided to go for wet pets again, TFP is one of the first sites I visited. Price and selection beat anything I can find locally-by far. 9 out of 10 for a first time customer, I was favorably impressed with the way my order was handled. The products are being used now, and I do like what I’m seeing in my dogs because of them! -onehandygal. 10 out of 10Customer support contacted ME regarding my availability to receive the package; not wanting the live plants to sit unattended. I will always “Go to” That Fish Place, That Pet Place for my pond plants. Kim c. 10 out of 10Since moving from the east coast to the west coast 13 years ago, That Fish Place has always been my go to place for my aquarist needs.

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Source: http://www.thatpetplace.com/dog-supplies/dog-health-supplies#!dog-health…