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For Pet's Sake News for 08-15-2018

IDÉES REÇUES BARF | Agressivité, Vers…

Pet and Care

The exposure to changing weather conditions and different seasonal challenges further increases the risk of irritations, minor injuries and infections. This mostly goes unnoticed until becoming a real problem, causing discomfort, pain and even affecting the normal movement of your pet. PawCare is antiseptic, heals minor injuries and reduces the risk of irritations and infections. Natural Jojoba Oil and Allantoin provide moisturising care and have a cell regenerating effect. Clear Shiny Eyes are a sign of your pet’s health and well-being. 

The sensitive pet eyes need gentle care: wind, dust, debris and loose hair cause tearing. The resulting discharge combined with dirt and bacteria accumulates in the corners of the eye and can lead to infections that can cause discomfort and pain. Another common reaction of sensitive pet eyes is the development of tear stains which is especially unesthetic on light fur. EyeCare cleans and protects the sensitive eyes with gentle care and without irritation. The innovative gel mass absorbs discharge and harmful foreign particles by simply pressing on the corner of the eye. 

EyeCare is antiseptic and actively prevents infections and the development of tear stains, by supporting the self-cleaning effect of the eyes. Natural Camomile Oil soothes infections and irritations. 

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Source: http://pet-and-care.com

Was walking past Seaholm after a jog with my pups and happened to see they had a self serve dog wash… Decided to pop in on a whim and treat the boys to nice bath that wouldn’t end with me being soak…ed and covered in dog hair for once… Totally worth the 32 bucks. Staff was great, and even offered to help if I needed it. Everyone else was just as helpful and they even gave me a few treats to coax the dogs into the tub. 

S are available for pre-bath brushing… The soap and conditione. R they provide left Phineas and Scout SUPER soft, and smelling great… They also provide ear cleaner, toothpaste. A lavender scented holistic flea and tick spray, as well as a wide array of scented spray on conditione. 

Y, a few towels and a hilarious blow dryer The only issue I really had was that when I did use the blow dryer, it kicked up quite a bit of hair in the room and made me feel like I was in one of those game show cash grab booths, but instead of $100 bills, it was just dog hair :/That probably has more to do with me washing 2 dogs, and drying them both off at the very end instead of when they were still in the sink. Food and treats were also priced really well too, so we picked up a few things as a reward for all the good behavior. 

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Source: https://www.facebook.com/HealthyPetTX

Can dogs and cats get sick from humans?

As any pet owner can attest, ensuring Fido’s health and happiness is next-level important. Below, animal wellness experts explain how to deal as a pet owner when you’re feeling less-than-amazing-and how to ensure the fluffier members of your household keep the wag in their tails, too. Keep reading to learn how your pets are affected when you’re under the weather. Your experience may be beneficial in understanding what’s going on with your pet. Major life changes-moving to a new home, adding a new pet to the household, a major loss or death, or an injury-could be contributing factors. 

Your vet may recommend spending more time with your pet and giving them more exercise, which can have a positive impact on you as well. While depression and anxiety don’t always allow for a consistent routine, if you can keep one for your pet, it will help them stay emotionally balanced. How to keep your pet healthy when you’re sick as a dog. As long as you practice good hygiene, it’s rare for your pets to pass anything on to you. If you believe your or your pet may be suffering from any illness, consult both your physician and your vet. 

Will link you up with professional pet sitters, dog walkers, and people who provide boarding. If the need arises, consider estate planning for your pets. 

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Source: https://www.wellandgood.com/good-advice/can-dogs-cats-get-sick…

Health & Wellness

Paws & Relax offers an atmosphere of support, comfort, and community for students. Our furry friends and their volunteer handlers will rotate on a schedule, but you can count on seeing your favorite goldens: North, Yogi, and Tee Tonka, along with fun-loving labs: Frankie and Thelma. Health & Wellness works very closely with ElderPet, a non-profit organization based the Thompson School. Many of our volunteers are from EdlerPet; each dog a certified Pet Partner® Therapy Animal. All volunteer pet therapy teams are trained and certified. 

A therapy pet’s primary function is to brighten someone’s day. Allow one of these furry bundles of support to put a smile on your face at one of our Paws & Relax sessions. Thrive, Health & Wellness satellite office located on the second floor of the Hamel Rec Center. Paws & Relax is canceled if the University closes for curtailed operations. We will offer this service weekly, and will plan a small variety of on-campus visits in conjunction with programming and events hosted by Health & Wellness. 

We do not have access to our Paws & Relax pet therapy teams outside of regular working hours, and have very limited ability to accommodate programming requests including the dogs during the week. 

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Source: https://www.unh.edu/health/ohep/pet-therapy

For Pet's Sake News for 07-24-2018

Happy, Healthy Pets in Louisiana


There are many factors you need to consider when choosing the food you feed your dog, including your pet’s age, activity level and general health. Younger dogs have different nutritional needs than a senior dog. Overweight dogs should be fed food that helps keep their weight down while providing the proper nutrition. As with anything involving your pet, you should discuss your dog’s food needs with your veterinarian. Dog treats are similar to the dry food you feed your dog, but these are sometimes flavored differently, such as with bacon or cheese. 

Even though your dog may like being with you on your bed or sofa, it should have a bed to call its own. These beds can go in the corner of the room, inside a dog house or anywhere you want your dog to sleep. Some dog beds offer orthopedic benefits, which are ideal for older dogs, and can keep your pet warm on cold nights. Beds are available based on the weight of your dog, ranging from extra small for dogs up to 10 pounds and going up to 2XL for dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds. Just about every dog loves to play with balls, and tennis balls are generally fine for larger dogs. 

Food, treats, chews, beds and toys are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to items you should have for your dog. Houses: If you want your dog to be an outside dog, a roomy house is a necessity. 

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Source: https://www.walmart.com/cp/Dogs/202072

Veterinary Care, Boarding, and Grooming for Dogs and Cats

Stoney Pointe Animal Health Centre is a full service animal hospital providing top quality health care to your beloved pets. This veterinary hospital was established more than 20 years ago and has been professionally serving the community ever since. Our well qualified staff is committed to providing you and your pets with compassionate medical care and premium customer service. The Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital provides a full complement of veterinary services that are customized to meet the needs of each client. We take pride in getting to know your pet and assuring that our experienced staff has the knowledge, training, and skills necessary to address your concerns. 

From pediatric needs to senior care, we will be here for your pet family just as if they were our own. The Animal Inn & Pet Resort at Stoney Pointe Animal Health Centre provides grooming and pampering for your pets in addition to comfortable boarding services. With professional veterinary staff on site, you can rest easy knowing that your pets are in good hands while you are apart. Dr. Richard Schumacher, Dr. 

Kristen Rogers, and the experienced staff at Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital and Animal Inn Pet Resort look forward to servicing all of your veterinary and pet pampering needs! 24 hour Animal Emergency Care is available at 424-1260. 

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Source: http://www.stoneypointevet.com

Veterinarian In Denver, CO USA :: Home

Your Veterinarian in Denver, COCall us at 303-534-1875.TCAW will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. We apologize for any inconvenience. If your pet is in need of veterinary services around the Denver-metro area, look no further! Our wonderful and licensed veterinarians are sure to treat your furry friend(s) with the utmost care and compassion. Your pet’s health and well-being are exceedingly important to us and we will take every step to provide your pet the best possible care that they deserve. 

The Center For Animal Wellness is a full service animal hospital offering cutting edge medical, surgical, and dental care. Our doctors are experienced in various veterinary settings with treatments, ailments, and injuries. Beyond first rate pet care, we aspire to make our hospital comfortable and family-friendly while offering a soothing environment for your pet. This way you may relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting your new Denver veterinarian. At our facility we offer a number of resources to help educate our clients on health and wellness topics for their pets! 

Stop by and peruse through our clinic to see our articles, meet our knowledgeable staff, and view informational videos first hand. At The Center For Animal Wellness, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. 

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Veterinarian In Virginia Beach, VA USA :: Home

Friday, May 11th, we will begin using a new client/patient medical record software at all of our wellness clinics. We kindly ask for your patience while we train our staff and work through the kinks. Affordable Veterinary Services of VA. is located inside all Care-A-Lot Pet Supply stores. Affordable Veterinary Services of Virginia is a low cost option for your dog or cat’s vaccines, heartworm testing, leukemia testing, fecal parasite testing, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention….and more. 

Affordable Veterinary Services of Virginia was developed with the concept of providing high quality veterinary care at an affordable price. In an effort to provide such services, we operate in a manor that is different from a traditional veterinary hospital/clinic. We provide vaccines, basic diagnostic testing, heartworm and deworming medications, flea prevention and other WELLNESS services. By limiting what we offer, we are able to keep our operating costs down so that we are able to pass that savings on to you, the pet owner. We do this without compromising the quality that you would expect for your pets’ health care. 

We accept walk-ins, there are no income restrictions, and there are. At Affordable Veterinary Services of VA, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. 

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For Pet's Sake News for 07-04-2018

Welcome to Mercola Healthy Pets

Healthy Pets in Columbus, OH with Reviews

Even though you’re not the one treated by the vet, whoever your animal sees is obviously your decision. Speak to your friends and family about vets who’ve treated their pets. Look for a vet who’s close to your house, as many animals don’t like being in the car for a long time. Whether you have pet health insurance or not, it’s still worth checking what the regular costs for typical procedures are at the vet’s office. The type of animal you own should play a part in which vet you choose as well. 

Some vets have insight to diseases that affect both humans and animals. Regulatory medicine: These vets work closely with diseases rather than animals themselves. In some cases, they may assist vets in surgery or restrain struggling animals during tests or lab work. During a routine veterinary visit, the vet will probably begin by asking you if there have been any changes in your pet’s behavior or habits. The vet will then take your pet’s vitals, like weight, temperature, pulse and respiration rate, and perform a physical examination of the pet. 

Keep note of your animal’s shedding habits so you can let the vet know if anything seems abnormal. Before you take out a pet insurance policy, you’ll want to meet with your vet to go over what he or she thinks your animal should be covered for. 

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Pet Health: Hidden Dangers for Pets at Home

Make sure you keep these household items away from your pets to keep them happy and healthy. Call your vet as soon as possible if you think your pet has ingested lily. Holiday poinsettias are also dangerous for pets, though not as worrisome as the lily. Chocolate might have plenty of health benefits for humans, but it’s a harmful food for pets. Keep little ones from giving chocolate to pets and do your best to supervise. 

Too much sugar can give your pet a bellyache, but worse, if wrappers are swallowed, your pet risks tearing of the esophagus or intestines. Here are some other foods that can be seriously hazardous to your pet. Spoiled hard boiled eggs, if ingested, can make pets ill. Pets who attempt to eat these garlands and garnishes can choke, or lethally damage their intestines. Christmas: Keep pets out of tree water, and be attentive when they show interest in ornaments, decoration hooks, ribbon, and Styrofoam. 

Small, brightly colored toys hold the same appeal for pets as they do children. Petside’s advice is to keep small toys in a place safely hidden from pets. 

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Source: https://www.rd.com/advice/pets/hidden-dangers-for-pets-at-home

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

All good dog owners want to keep their dogs healthy. Help keep your dog on the path to wellness with these dog health guidelines. If your dog has special needs, a chronic health condition or other illness, comply with your vet’s recommendations. If you can develop a good connection with your vet, it can lead to long-term benefit for you and your dog. Proper nutrition is fundamental for keeping all dogs healthy. 

Choose a high-quality dog food made by a reputable company, or learn about homemade diets. A sudden change in dog foods can cause diarrhea or even vomiting, so switch over gradually unless otherwise directed by your vet. Many dog owners underestimate their dogs’ exercise needs in relation to keeping their dog healthy. If you feed your dog a healthy diet, it should give her plenty of energy. Your dog may have special needs due to health conditions such as allergies. 

Your dog may exhibit a variety of signs that indicate a health problem. If your dog is displaying signs of illness, contact your vet right away. 

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Source: https://www.thesprucepets.com/keep-your-dog-healthy-1117827

| PEOPLE.com

Welcome! To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads. Those advertisers use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on our sites and applications and across the Internet and your other apps and devices. You always have the choice to experience our sites without personalized advertising based on your web browsing activity by visiting the DAA’s Consumer Choice page, the NAI’s website, and/or the EU online choices page, from each of your browsers or devices. To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA’s AppChoices app here. 

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site. Transfer your personal data to the United States or other countries, and. 

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Pet Insurance Home

If your pet becomes ill or has an accident, it could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for treatment. Pet insurance helps with veterinary costs when your pet needs treatment. It can lower your out-of-pocket costs so you can avoid a financial crisis while keeping your pet healthy. Many people think that elderly pets need the most veterinary care. Research shows that young pets are more likely to need unexpected treatment. 

Young, rambunctious pets have a way of getting into trouble. With pet insurance you do not have to choose between paying a vet bill and paying the electric bill. Medical advancements have made treating pets much more effective. This means that the right care can increase your pet’s lifespan. Most policies cover diagnostic testing, dental treatment, prescription medications and more. 

Contact us to learn more about pet insurance and how it can help with expensive veterinarian visits. 

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For Pet's Sake News for 05-10-2018

Information for Pet Owners: Department of Health

If you own a pet, there are steps you should take to keep your pets, yourself, and those around you healthy. Rain can wash pet waste from your lawn and the streets into rivers, bays, and beaches, causing illness. Salmonella may be found in the feces of some pets, especially those with diarrhea, and people can become infected if they do not wash their hands after contact with pets or pet feces. Hand washing can also help you avoid allergic reactions to pets. Vaccinate your pets against rabies, and take precautions if your pet is bitten or scratched by another animal. 

More If your pet has a history of biting, consider obedience training and use a leash and/or muzzle when you take your pet outside. Protect your pets and yourself from tick-borne illnesses. Take steps to avoid ticks when walking or playing with pets outside. Do not let your pets swim or play in water experiencing an algae bloom. If someone in your home has asthma, keep pets out of bedrooms and outdoors as often as possible, bathe pets weekly, and clean pet bedding and litter every week. 

Don’t spread lead. If you are doing painting, repair, or home improvement on a house built before 1978, keep pets out of the work area to avoid spreading lead dust or chips into other areas. Ask friends or relatives outside your area whether they could shelter your pets in an emergency, or contact hotels and motels to inquire about their pet policies. 

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Source: http://www.health.ri.gov/for/petowners

4041 Attucks Dr, Powell, OH

Our dog came here when he was healthy as well and so we used their boarding services and vaccinations. Their service to our family in our dogs final hours was exceptional. I’ve also recently learned a friend had a similar issue with the same facility and Dr. Shoroosh in which her dog was improperly medicated, consequently magnifying her pets behavioral issues. Dr. 

Lauren O’Conner is the most incredible human being/Veterinarian on the planet! I presently live in California and bring my dog back to Powell to see her. Long story short, my dog was hit by a car and they performed the surgery and did his rehab from the surgery as well. Jenny, The head of the rehabilitation side of things, is a fantastic person and you can tell she truly cares for all the dogs she works with. My dog had to have the same surgery performed a second time because of a freak occurrence and they did both the rehab and surgery free of charge. 

He’s a fantastic diagnostician! I took my dog is with the symptoms of lethargy, lip color change and generally acting weird and within minutes he figured out what was wrong. My dog was boarded at Healthy Pets of Wedgewood over Easter weekend. Our dog is diabetic, so boarding her at the vet seemed like a good idea. Turns out my dog picked up a roundworm parasite at this facility. 

HELL NO! I will never again take my dogs to any facility that lies to me and makes my pets sick. 

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Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz/healthy-pets-of-wedgewood-powell

The road to Pet Health

At Vibrant Pets, we nurture your pet’s health, appearance and energy-level from the inside out because we believe that good nutrition is the foundation of vibrant health. Our nutritional products are high quality and concentrated one scoop a day keeps the vet away. With daily use, you’ll see noticeable results in your pet’s quality of life in two short weeks. For far less than 50 cents a day, treat your pet to the best health insurance nature can provide excellent high quality nutritional support from Vibrant Pets. Developed with small animal and equine Veterinarians, Animal and Human Nutritionists and Animal Feed Experts, Vibrant Pets has over 8 years of research and development along with 6 years in production. 

As the Testimonials on this Website clearly show, using Vibrant Pets will reduce your Vet bills. Maximizes your pet’s health and performance on every level. Helps cure many medical conditions, even recurring issues and helps manage chronic conditions to maximize your pet’s health. Provides the support your pet needs to maintain a healthy life. A healthy pet is a happy pet and a healthy pet has a happy owner. 

Trust your pets immune system to Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas. If you still have questions, please visit our FAQ page, read some of our client testimonials or simply navigate around our website and discover for yourself why vibrant pets will change your pet’s life forever !. 

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Source: https://vibrantpets.com

Pet Food, Pet Supplies, Pet Grooming, and More

Since 1991, PET DEPOT has been serving pet owners and building great places to shop. If you love pets and enjoy working with people, a career in the retail pet business could be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll see that owning your own pet store can be gratifying and fun, as well as a great way to build a future both for yourself and for your family members. PET DEPOT franchises are available in most states in North America, Canada, and Mexico. We offer a variety of retail and hospital options with sizes ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 sq. 

Our PET DEPOT Barkery is a boutique style operation focused on toys, chews, treats and accessories, with some limited premium pet food brands. Typically the boutique is 1,500 s.f. in size, and located in high density urban / downtown setting, it caters to localized communities in a small geographic radius. Our full line pet store format caters to homes typically outside of city centers, with established neighborhoods. Typically retail stores are 2,500 s.f. – 5,000 s.f. 

in size, the market area is typically 3 – 5 mile radius with higher income / household density. Our hospitals are custom designed to your specifications, with function and medical standards integrated. From outpatient clinics to specialty practices, we can assist in all aspects to make entry into your own hospital a reality. 

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Source: https://petdepot.net

For Pet's Sake News for 05-09-2018

Top 5 Healthy treats for pets

Celebrate what might just be your pet’s favorite holiday of all time, National Dog Treat Day. These all-natural treats contain essential ingredients to improve bad breath and promote healthy teeth and gums. Available in tasty chicken and duck, your pet will gobble these minty morsels right up. These soft and chewy treats contain joint-strength essentials in a wheat-, corn- and soy-free formula that also promotes complete health and wellness. Zuke’s Hip Action Treats are an excellent addition for pets’ diets and a must-have in the nutritional regimen for elderly pups. 

When your pet’s joints start to ache, a treat a day could help keep the doctor away. With names like Smooches, Wishes and Nuzzles, The Honest Kitchen Pet Treats are meant for the spoiled pet in your household. Even the pickiest eaters will love these tasty, hearty treats made from quality human-grade ingredients – you might even be tempted to sneak a bite! Try the Ice Pup treats, which can be served warm or frozen, depending on the season. A no-brainer for smart pet owners, Plato’s Thinkers treats give dogs an extra mental boost. 

Once the added dose of brain power has your pooch nailing all the training commands, these soft, chewy treat sticks can also be broken up and used as training rewards. Your canine companion will look and feel amazing with Blue Buffalo Exuberance! Treats. Bow wow chow: The essential dog food guideWhat to look for in pet food ingredientsHomemade dog treats. 

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Source: http://www.sheknows.com/pets-and-animals/articles/950169/top-5-healthy…

Probiotics for Dogs & Cats

You can help…. You can help your pet’s gastrointestinal tract by supplementing their diet with probiotics that flood their system with beneficial bacteria. That’s exactly why traditional veterinarians are finally agreeing that probiotics are beneficial for your pets. As a result, the marketplace has been saturated with pet probiotics. That’s why I’m going to show you the three things you should look for in every probiotic…. 

But Wait… All Pet Probiotics Are NOT Created Equal. Since the number of available pet probiotics seems to grow every day, deciding which product is best for your pets can be very confusing. If you find a pet probiotic product has 1-2 strains of bacteria – as is the case with many probiotics available today – that’s fine. Probiotics can put your pet on the path to better health… 

as long as you choose one that delivers all that it claims. To help you make sense of all the different options available to you, I’ve put together a chart so you can compare Complete Probiotics for Pets to the other products out there. That’s why I’m so proud to be able to offer you Complete Probiotics for Pets. Just imagine how happy your pet will be once you start giving them Complete Probiotics for Pets. Now’s your chance to help support and improve the overall health of your pet with probiotics. 

Don’t wait another minute – order Complete Probiotics for Pets TODAY! 

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Source: https://probiotics.mercola.com/probiotics-for-pets.html

Mushrooms Poisonous to Pets

Accurate identification of a mushroom usually requires a mycologist or someone who has been hunting wild mushrooms for years. Local mushroom clubs may be helpful in identifying mushrooms, as well. Although most mushrooms are known as LBMs and are generally nontoxic, when I receive a call that a dog has just eaten a mushroom, I always advise decontamination for safety. Poisonous mushrooms can cause four distinct clinical syndromes. The two most common species of mushrooms that cause this syndrome are Inocybe spp. 

The mushrooms destroy the liver, causing the dog to develop jaundice Because the liver produces blood-clotting factors, bleeding disorders can develop. Mushrooms that cause this syndrome are known as magic mushrooms, blue legs or liberty caps, and are considered illicit drugs in many places. Whereas dogs ingest other poisonous mushrooms in woods or the back yard, they pull hallucinogenic mushrooms out of backpacks or other hiding places. Dogs who ingest hallucinogenic mushrooms always require rapid decontamination and monitoring by a veterinarian. Mushrooms in yards should be removed promptly before the dog notices them. 

If your dog becomes ill, and you suspect mushroom ingestion, place the vomitus and any bowel movements in a plastic bag for identification, and refrigerate the bag. Notify your veterinarian that your dog may have ingested a mushroom, so that he or she can be alert to clinical signs that may require treatment. 

Keywords: [“mushroom”,”dog”,”syndrome”]
Source: https://www.petfinder.com/dogs/dog-health/pets-poisonous-mushrooms

Mice as Pets

These days you may be lucky to find mice in a pet shop at all, since mice are not as popular as rabbits or guinea pigs. Mice will sit on your hand, wash themselves, and generally explore. HousingFemale mice make the best pets, because their urine does not smell like that of the male – if you are keeping pet mice then it is sensible to keep two female mice together, to provide company for each other. You should keep your pet mice in a wooden box or cage, but ensure that there is adequate ventilation to prevent condensation. If there are no cats about you can keep mice in a fishtank, putting a metal grill over the top. 

You should clean your mice out at least once a week, and it is a good idea to have two cages so that you can alternate. HandlingLearn to pick mice up gently but firmly by the root of the tail and transfer them to your hand. Contrary to popular belief picking up mice in this way does not hurt the mouse – if it did the mouse would squeak! Mice are basically omnivorous, but it is a myth that they love cheese. After about 10 days the mice will open their eyes, and at this age it is safe enough to handle them. 

In fact you should handle them in order to make them tame – mice that are not handled when very young will become nervous and may jump off your hand when you pick them up. Mice are generally healthy animals and if looked after properly throughout their life are likely to remain fit and active. 

Keywords: [“mice”,”pet”,”keep”]
Source: http://www.miceandrats.com/miceas.htm

For Pet's Sake News for 05-04-2018

Pets and Human Health

Pets are great companions; they keep us happy and contribute a great deal towards our well-being. Believe it or not, having a pet can improve your health. Pets can help lower stress levels, keep you active and keep your heart healthy, to name but a few. Pets and stressResearch has shown that you can lower your stress levels simply by stroking your pet. Even enjoying the summer sun playing fetch with your dog or watching your fish swim around in their aquarium can reduce stress levels. 

Spending some one-on-one time with your canine companion or fury feline, in fact any pet, will more than likely produce a calming effect that slows down your heart rate and keeps your blood pressure under wraps therefore lowering stress levels. Pets and exerciseIf youre not the type for physical activity, then you may be putting your health at risk. Having a pet can lower this risk by simply taking him or her for a stroll down to the neighborhood park or even down the street. Taking your dog for a walk is not always considered exercise and many find it to be a relaxing way to spend time with your pooch while at the same time enjoying the great outdoors. Pets and your heartPets contribute to a healthy heart because of their gift to allow us to relax and for a little while, freeing our mind from stressful situations or thoughts. 

Another way to work towards a healthy heart is via physical activity remember that taking your pet for a walk can contribute to this too, and walking him or her is a fun activity that is soothing, relaxing and above all enjoyable. This article may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Remedium. 

Keywords: [“pet”,”keep”,”contribute”]
Source: http://health.learninginfo.org/pets-human-health.htm

Raws For Paws Recalls Turkey Pet Food Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Chubs of Ground Turkey Pet Food because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Salmonella can affect animals eating the product and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products. Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian. 

The recalled Ground Turkey Pet Food was distributed throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa directly to consumers and through online mail orders. The recalled product is packaged into 1-pound and 5-pound sealed plastic tubes, also known as chubs. The chubs are packaged into regular Turkey Pet Food cases and Pet Food Combo Pack cases, which contain a variety of pet food products. The products in question have case codes of 9900008, 9900009, 9900014, and 9900015. The manufacture date of Turkey Pet Food cases is 10/12/2017, and the manufacture dates of Combo Pack cases are between 10/12/2017 and 2/2/2018. 

The potential for contamination was noted after testing by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture revealed the presence of Salmonella in some packages of Turkey Pet Food. Consumers who have purchased Turkey Pet Food should discontinue the use of the product and contact Raws for Paws to determine if their product is subject to this recall and more information about disposal or return instructions. 

Keywords: [“product”,”Pet”,”Food”]
Source: https://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm596043.htm

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

These handbooks contain the basic information you need to successfully integrate a new pet into your family, and ensure that it lives a happy and healthy life. Vaccinations help protect your pet from a number of potentially serious and even fatal diseases, like rabies. Every pet should be vaccinated – even indoor dogs and cats can be exposed to a rabid bat. Speak with your veterinarian about which of these vaccines are necessary for your pet. Although your veterinarian can’t guarantee a vaccine will fully protect an animal, vaccinations are the simplest, safest and most effective means of preventing a number of diseases in pets. 

As maternal antibodies decrease, your veterinarian will give your pet a series of vaccines over 6 to 16 weeks to give your pet the best possible protection. Missing a vaccine booster or being more than a few days late could put your pet at risk of contracting disease. Despite your veterinarian’s efforts to design a safe vaccination protocol for every pet, vaccine reactions can and do occur. If your pet has reacted to a vaccine in the past, tell your veterinarian. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise can help your pet maintain a healthy weight. 

It’s our responsibility as their guardians to make sure the number of pets born doesn’t exceed the number of available homes. These clinics may offer limited preoperative testing and post-operative care, encouraging pet owners to obtain these services from their veterinarian instead. Regardless of where you have your pet spayed or neutered, do some research to make sure you’re comfortable with the level of care provided. 

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For Pet's Sake News for 04-15-2018

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for companies and organizations. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted. Find sources: “Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation” – news newspapers books scholar JSTOR. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation is a pet insurance company based in Bellevue, Washington that sells insurance for cats and dogs in the United States. The company is partnered with AON Corporation, and is underwritten by ACE Group. It has been rated as the best pet insurance company in America.

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Pet Medical Tips

As pet parents, we don’t know everything about our pet that we would like to. We hope we can help you keep your pet happy with our Pet Care Center where you can browse through our multiple categories that range from health information and general care to the best grooming tips. Get professional pet advice about your dog or cat’s nutrition, learn about the best pet food, and read simple and helpful diet tips to help keep your pet healthy. You can also visit our Diseases and Allergies library to learn about specific health conditions your pet may have, and use our Symptom Checker if you notice behavioral changes in your furry friend. We cover the most important topics and concerns that pet parents have. Keep yourself informed and your pet healthy by visiting our Pet Health Center here!

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Healthy Products For Dogs, Cats And Their People

The Life’s Abundance and Keri Glassman supplement line is spectacular. We’ve got your covered with fish oil, a plant protein drink, a greens blend drink, a multivitamin, a probiotic and minerals and antioxidant drink. Our supplement line is non-gmo, vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and grain free. There are no added sugars, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or artificial colors. Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, is the president of Keri Glassman, A Nutritious Life, a nutrition counseling and consulting practice that emphasizes a whole person approach to health. The “Nutritious Life Cycle” includes getting adequate sleep, managing stress, exercising, and having joy in one’s life, in addition to pampering, weight loss maintenance, exercise, and pre and post natal nutrition.

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Whole Pet Clinic

Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic is a full-service veterinary clinic dedicated to offering excellent health care for your pet. Dr. Megan Caldwell, Dr. Lisa Olson, Dr. Erica Hellestad, Dr. Katie Grawe, and Dr. Kristi Bernhardt and their team of professionals, proudly provide the best options in both conventional and complementary medicine for your dog or cat. Please browse our website to learn more about our animal clinic and the services we provide for companion animals in Madison and the surrounding areas. Read information in our Pet Library, view videos, take a virtual tour of our veterinary hospital, read testimonials, and find details about upcoming events. Please call our office today at270-1070 for all your pet health care needs.

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Healthy Pet Accessories

Our company was established in 1999 as a wholesale distributor of pet products based in Cape Town, South Africa. Although we do not supply direct to the general public we will be happy to supply you details of your nearest retail outlet. Apart from our exclusive range of products we are also proud to supply products from Daro, Marltons, Pet’s Elite, Hunter, Vondi’s and more. If you wish to open an account with us, please complete the form below. Although Healthy Pet Accessories will do their utmost to provide the colour requested of any items ordered from our suppliers, this cannot be guaranteed. All orders placed will be taken in good faith and returns only accepted for damaged or inferior stock. Delivery of any item is subject to availability from our suppliers or manufacturers.

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Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes

To be frank, today’s commercial pet foods lack healthy natural enzymes. In essence, the food is dead, over-processed and in-organic. Production of both canned food and dried kibble require very high temperatures, which destroy any live enzymes present in the food. Enzymes are needed to help unlock these food nutrients and aid in digestion. This can lead to unwanted consequences for your pet. Unlike so many animal supplements available today, the ingredients used in my Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes are human grade – meaning, they’re not any different than those you or I would take. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing you’re safeguarding your pet’s delicate enzyme stores and helping to promote the best health possible. Help your pet get started on the road to good health.

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About Us & Our Mission

Our mission is making the best pet food on planet earth. ABOUT US. When my dog Sparky the Pomeranian died at age 10, I was devastated, then I met a lady who told me that her Pomeranian Is 17 years old, she told the secret was cooking for her dog after a holistic Vet. Gave her a recipe to include vitamins and supplements. A healthy pet food recipe starts with a good nutrition, all our recipes are 100% Natural, made with USDA human grade ingredients, the poultry is Free Range, our meats are Grass Fed, the produce is locally sourced, everything is balanced perfectly with supplements and oils. Fresh daily dog food and cat food, bake our own cookies and treats. Best of all, a healthy pet means, Less trips to the vets. Sold only at premier independently own pet stores.

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